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Personal Narrative- Drinking and Driving

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 5, 2018
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Personal Narrative- Drinking and Driving

It seemed like a flawless plan. Everything was set up perfectly as they headed toward the party on Route 13. They had taken every precaution necessary for a night of pure, unadulterated fun. Upon arrival, Seth and Jean greeted their friends as they entered the room. Various beverages were freely available throughout the house. Everyone was doing it, so they Joined in on the fun as well. Varied thoughts about the night flashed through Stet’s head here and there, but who was he to stop now? He asked himself, “Why is this necessary to have a good time? What happens If we get caught? What would my parents say?

These thoughts slowly faded; however, as the night went on and the alcohol flowed. He could feel his self-control sloping away from him but there was no way to stop It now, so he Just tried to make the best out of the situation. Jean. His girlfriend, was becoming very comfortable. Her hand began to slowly wander from around his neck down to his thigh. She leaned over and whispered something softly into his ear. He felt as though he was paralyzed, or suspended in time. The thoughts raced through his mind at a blinding speed. “l don’t want it to be like this; not our first time. This is so messed up. What do I do? She continued to stare at him with a mischievous look in her eye, looking for some sort of sign or signal. He could not put this off any longer, so he made a quick decision to leave. He grabbed her hand; however he led her not to a bedroom, but out the back door. They got in his car and she leaned over for a kiss, but he shied away and surprisingly fired up the ignition. Seth could tell by her reaction to his modesty that she knew the deal; she had crossed the line. Now, his attention lied on the road ahead of him. The teen struggled desperately to ATA between the lines and to focus on his mission at hand.

As they traveled down the highway, something increasingly caught his attention. The mystic glow of the object enticed him. He watched attentively as it appeared to gradually approach becoming brighter and brighter as it neared. Soon, the object became so close that it appeared to be nothing less than the blinding lights of Heaven’s door. Time stood still. Seth watched motionlessly as the glass shattered and the lights flared. He knew nothing. He felt nothing. Suddenly, In an instance, Seth awoke to a peculiar noise. He was very familiar with It; et, he could not pinpoint the sound exactly.

He noticed figures scrambling around aimlessly, yet he knew not of their significance. Seth was left In a daze between reality and his dreams. He thought to himself, “Where have I heard that before? Where am l? What has happened? ” As he continued to think about the surrounding clues all of the sudden his heart dropped as he thought, “Walt, I know that sound… ” Abruptly, he sat up and frantically searched for the source of the sound. At once. His eyes fixed upon a sight that will forever haunt his dreams. He stared helplessly at the lied a motionless fugue. It was Jean.

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