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Parents vs. teens

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 6, 2017
Words: 299
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Parents vs. teens

I got off the phone with a close friend a question popped into my head. This question is “Why do my friends understand my problems more than my own parents. I thought about it for some time and then I did research. That story comes to what I have discovered. Let me tell you why friends can help. The fact I have found is that most teens have dealer with more situations than an adult. 71. 5% of kids at the age of fifteen have gone more difficulties than forty year old adult. What

I am trying to tell you hear that your peers can help out as much as parents. When most people are going through a tough time they talk to adults, but it actually would be helpful to share with a person your own age. The reason you should do this is because they can relate. The rates of abuse, divorces, sex, cheating has gone way up. This means most likely the adults haven’t faced several of these, while teens have dealer with them all and maybe more than once. Parents are fun and have great advice but so do teenagers.

My parents usually deal with it differently than my friends do. They try to make me happy and remind me everything will be fine. My friends on the other hand will talk to me for hours until I overcome everything. In conclusion to this, it’s not always a bad idea to tell your friends what you’re going through. Who knows maybe they’ve dealer with the same situation. Although parents and teens have different ages and life skills, a person your age would have a better effect on you and your situation. Age doesn’t always matter.

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