Young and Restless in China

This Includes economically and developing as a country in general. As a result, young people working In China face many challenges. This includes trying to find the right time balance between family and work, business ethics, as well as social life. Many times China’s young people are forced to put work before family friends, and personal affairs. Many of their struggles are to meet work related goals rather than work related goals.

Some f these struggles are like the ones we face In the United States. They Just want to find a stable Job that pays well and can comfortably support them and their family financially. That Is not always possible In this economy. The fear of not being economically supported causes a consistent anxiety with the young adults. This can cause splitting of relationships. This can be romantically as well as friendship wise. The basic idea is that our problems aren’t so different from one another and should suck up our pride and work together to fix some of these issues.