Unit business

The business I have made up is a business-to-business company which imports fresh mint tea of the best quality from Morocco. Moroccan Is an International company Importing fresh mint tea from Morocco and sells It to other businesses for a profit. Slide 2

My target audience mainly consists of the Moroccan people who immigrated to the Netherlands, but also people who like mint tea in general. Slide 3 My marketing mix consists of the following points: Quality: I want to import good quality mint tea from Morocco, since there isn’t any big company In Holland which does it. Branding: The mint tea that I’m importing Is of good quality. That’s why I decided to give the mint tea a branding name for exclusivity.

Service: Offering service to all our customers. Wrapping & design: Choosing for a simple design for ultimate durability. This Is good the company’s popularity. Warranty: We offer a not-satisfied warranty for our assortment is very little because we are specialized in giving the people quality mint tea only. Slide 4 The product life cycle is based on a product that needs refreshing, so people consume the mint tea, and when they want more they buy it.