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During your academic career, you will no doubt encounter several different types of writing essays. Each of the types of academic essays is intended to demonstrate your ability to convey information, whether it is by telling a story, making an argument, or providing critical analysis. It is important that you understand how the different types of essays work so that you are able to carry out your academic writing objectives. Here is a list of the most common essays that you will be assigned as a student.

Academic Essay Types are:

Let’s go through some of them, shall we?

Five Paragraph Essay

The five-paragraph format is typically used in different types of English essays on standardized tests and when introducing new students to the concept of essay writing service for the first time. It consists of an introductory paragraph, including a thesis/argument statement that they plan to support with evidence; three paragraphs (also known as the body of the paper) containing their supporting arguments based on evidence; and a conclusion that summarises their findings and explains the broader implications. It is key that each of the supporting paragraphs logically transitions from one to the next.

Narrative essay

Often written from the perspective of the author, narrative essays encourage the writer to be creative and use vivid terminology as they are telling a story. As with all narrative conventions, it must include an introduction, plot, the characters, setting, a conflict or problem that requires resolution, and conclusion. This type of essay succeeds if it manages to evoke emotions and involve the reader in the story.

Persuasive essay

Usually written in the 5-paragraph format, this type of essay is intended to argue for the writer’s point of view on an important/relevant topic, and use logic to persuade the reader to share that opinion. In many cases, it is meant to draw attention to a problem and encourage the audience to take action to solve it.

Compare/Contrast essay

This paper involves choosing a pair of ideas or individuals and offering a critical analysis by focusing on why they are so similar or different. Concrete examples are used to support the argument for their commonalities or differences.

Analytical essay

This paper entails the examination of a text and formulating an argument based on the reader’s interpretation of that work. In particular, it focuses on what the writer believes is the intention of the author and whether that author was or was not effective in carrying it out.

Argumentative essay

These types of essays involve doing thorough research on a topic, establish a position (in the form of a thesis), explain why the reader ought to care about the topic being investigated and use statistics and other supporting evidence to back up the thesis.

Expository essay

Unlike argumentative or persuasive essays in which the writer is asked to express an opinion, the purpose of expository essays is to describe, explain, or inform the reader about a topic in a straight-forward manner using facts without any biases, such as instructions on how to bake a cake.

Cause/Effect Essay

In Cause and effect essays, the writer selects an event or action and discusses the circumstances that led to that situation happening. By writing these kinds of papers, it is possible to identify patterns and determine why actions lead to certain consequences.

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