William Randolph Hearst and Dream Vacation Essay

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William Randolph Hearst and Dream Vacation

This coming weekend I am planning to go to my dream vacation with my family. I want to go to Santa Barbara. It is going to be a long trip, so before w go I am going to reserve our hotel room and book our tour to go see the amazing Heart Castle. Also, I am going to buy a train ticket so we can enjoy our trip and see fun locations. The first day we are going to stay at a beautiful hotel called “Madonna”.

This hotel is all pink with flowers roses everywhere it has a nice lounge, a comfortable room, and there food is also delicious. The second day we will swim in the ocean and my husband is landing to make some barbeques for the family around the beach. At seven o’clock I am going to go to a concert and have fun with my husband. While we are there we are planning to go wine tasting with my family because I love to drink wine.

On Sunday morning our bus will take us to Hearst Castle. The museum opens at 8:00 a. M. In the morning and it is a long tour. Because Heart Castle is extremely big we are going to buy a ticket individually to be able to explore all the rooms possible in a day. I am very excited about this vacation because this vacation will be amazing, enjoyable, and relaxing for all of us.