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UAE Tourism Recommendations

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
Words: 337
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UAE Tourism Recommendations

No doubt that Dub and ABA Dhabi succeeded in developing a distinguished and Independent brand for each of them. This can be seen as a disadvantage if these brands are competing with each other, however this can be a good asset to build on with some cooperation and integration. Consumers worldwide are usually looking for the best value for money promotions, so what about bundling 2 big brands In one package, great offer, isn’t it ?

Imagine a return plane ticket allowing the passenger to travel on both “Edited Airways” and “Emirates Airline”, flying on two deferent uxorious airlines with the cost of one ticket, experiencing two world class airports In one trip, and having the chance to enjoy both clues In one vacation or business trip. The key recommendation here Is to Introduce a Joint plane ticket between Edited Airways and Emirates Airline, which for example allows Dub violators to spend more nights In ABA Dhabi Instead of a one day vault.

Another great opportunity is available for LEASE to explore and exploit, but this time it is a future one, which is the Football World Cup that will be hosted in Qatar in the year 2022. This competition is usually hosted in big countries, as it is held in 8-12 efferent cities, and accommodating the teams and fans of 32 countries.

Considering the small area of Qatar, and the huge number of expected visitors (expected to be it wouldn’t be comfortable for all teams, visitors, and fans to live in the crowded cities and hotels of Qatar, so I-JAKE can offer packages for the teams and fans of some countries (especially those expected to go further in the tournament) to spend some, or all their staying nights in AJAX, and part of this package would be charter flights to Qatar on the day of their matches. This is of course if the efforts to host part of the tournament itself were not successful.

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