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The Western Experience Week

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 18, 2017
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The Western Experience Week

Trail has been a Journey that I do not think anyone can really prepare for. It is hard having to leave places constantly and leave our loved ones behind knowing we may never see them again. It is a hard Journey on everyone, it is also hard being a women. We have to make sure that the children are well taken care of throughout this whole trip. Making sure the children are safe is a big Job to do. Besides making sure our little ones remain safe, we women have to make sure our men stay strong so they may make sure we are safe. Making sure that there is a meal made to be able to feed our people is probably the hardest Job.

We have to try and make meals out of nothing sometimes, making sure that a food is made is an important Job. We have to learn new ways of cooking since we are not cooking in our homes anymore but by a campfire. It is a very difficult time for us, especially as a women. Traveling down the Oregon Trail I have noticed that the Morons have went to an area where they are able to be free from the persecution of their religion, they went to the Great Salt Lake. It seems so be hard enough to live in these times but it is harder when we are getting punished for our beliefs.

Finding a safe haven for the mime being makes it easier to practices their religious beliefs in peace, it is hard to live knowing that the United States troops were there to persecute us citizens. Even though there was no actual war between the Morons and the United States troops it was still a troubling time that caused a lot of paranoid people because they did not know if the United States would truly be the ones to harm their own people. Knowing that can cause anyone to be afraid, with that I hope I can put these stories and incidents behind us and try to live a peaceful life settled down. Seeing my family again would be nice.

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