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Literature RV

Tourism has been developed rapidly in recently years, and it become more and more invariant In world economy. In today, tourism has became one of the largest export Industries In the world (Ross,2011). A research of World Tourism Organization shows that from 1950 to 2005, international tourist traffic rose from 25 million travelers a year to over 800 million. In 2009, the international tourism industry generated $852 billion.

What’s more, according to the research of the World bank, in some developing Mounties, the tourism had became indispensable, for example, in Cambodia, Morocco and Jamaica , between 10 and 15 percent of the gross domestic product come from tourism (GAP) So, with the development of tourism, some arguments about the advantages and disadvantages of developing tourism had released. There Is no doubt that tourism is of great benefit to the economy, Comfort(2005) states that develop tourism will generate demand for labor, and remarkably boost the local economy.

Wilson(2007) believes that the existence of easy-going, rich travelers enable the local people to learn new valuable skill and open more new businesses. But there are some people hold different point of view. Smoothness and Aridly (2001) argue that the tourism created the badly-paid, seasonal Jobs In holiday hotel, and there are many people work with long hours and under a insecurity conditions. There are some potential threats, natural or human disaster may result in the low amount of visitors coming, leaving numerous of unemployed people.