Disney sustainable advantage Essay

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Disney sustainable advantage

Sustainable competitive advantage In tourism industry, Changes is rapid. Innovation is the way for remaining their business situation and attracting more customers from other market pool. Innovating Strategy to expand own advantage to become sustainable. It increases competitiveness of the company to defeat the rivals. Deeds et al. (2005) state that “Strategic innovations can be distinguished from the incremental and ‘accidental’ changes, as stately, by definition, includes a sustained choice.

Product innovations in the tourism business is the way to maintain imitativeness and it need to keep innovation to maintain their advantage. Sustainable competitive advantage is the strategy in order to maintain competitiveness in the pool. It is a Long-term strategy which has to set the goal to achieve so the collect data to build. For example, WALT Disney’s co. Built a theme park in Florida, US firstly. However, they want to expand their business to the world so they changed. Now Walt Disney co. Operates 5 resorts and theme park in the world including Paris, Hong Kong, Japan, Orlando,US and Florida,US and 4 cruise ships In Europe and.

Besides, Walt Disney co. Also Involve In the movie market. The Disney’s Hollywood studio aim to develop their business In the movie market, also It bought Marvel, Pixel and Star War to expand their own resources to attract more customers. GLENDALE, Cilia. Said ‘Disney has used this resources to build a new attraction In Disneyland and sell related product. ” (2014) In conclude, sustainable competitive advantage Is the company unique characteristic to maintain their position In their business market. The strategy must be kept Innovating to make customers Interested In their business.