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Descriptive essay on an over-seas experience.

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: January 5, 2018
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Descriptive essay on an over-seas experience.

Cincinnati is known for Its unexpected weather patterns. Just the day before, it was warm and almost felt like summer. My mother, my father, and I were on our way to the airport, to visit Germany for Spring Break. This was my first time to leave the country, and I had anticipated this trip for the last two weeks. So many questions were dancing around In my mind. What are the people like? Do the stars look the same way they do here In the States? Does It smell different in Germany?

In about twelve hours, my questions would be answered. As I walked towards Customs, I felt Important as If I were the president or an ambassador. I showed my passport with pride. When the Customs agent stamped my passport, I morphed back from being president to a little child who had the golden ticket to Wily Woman’s chocolate factory. After going through Customs, we proceeded to our flight gate, where I looked out the window and saw the biggest plane that I had ever seen. It amazed me how man could make something so big and heavy that could cake flight and defy gravity.

Gobs of people piled onto the plane. We walked in the plane, and it seemed that there was no end to the aisle of the plane. When we found our seats, my father and my mother sat next to each other while I sat by the window. The seat next to me was still vacant. I looked at every person who walked by me, wondering which one would sit down. People of all shapes and sizes passed by me. Unfortunately for me, a six-foot, seven-inch man walked by, stopped, and then came back to the seat next to me. The man looked well over two hundred pounds.

He hocked his ticket for the third or fourth time, and they plopped down next to me. The breeze from his hefty body had this foul smell. I cringed with discomfort, and I saw my father sneak a quick chuckle. This man was the most active sleeper ever. Every five minutes, he moved or made some kind of awkward sound. To try to take my mind often passenger next to me, I decided to watch the movie that was shown during the flight. I am not sure who picked the movie, but they must fly over the Atlantic all the time to be comfortable to watch Titanic.

Yet, everything went smoothly, and the flight had no problems. Later, we arrived at the airport In Germany. At first glance, It looked Like the airport from which we had Just come. My Aunt Toni, who lived there In the Germany, picked us up. Aunt Tony was my father’s youngest sister. She was the most humorous and energetic aunt out of all my aunts. She was very excited to have us evils. We were the first ones to come visit her since she had moved to Germany a year and a half ago. The streets of Germany looked Like a harshly graded English paper.

There were lines everywhere: curved lines, zigzag lines, double white lines, any kind of line one could people were on bikes, and they rode on the trains. Aunt Toni told me that a car is not a big necessity there because of the reliable public transportation, and the proximity of the town. Then, we pulled up to her house. The houses there looked like miniature apartment buildings. They were about four stories high, yet not wide at all. On every floor there were enormous windows. I later learned that is how they move furniture in and out of the houses.

Due to the steep and narrow stairwells in the house, to move the big furniture inside, they must lift it and then take out the windows to place r take out the furniture. The houses had no front yards and very little backyards. On the inside of the house, my family and I found that most of the furnishings in the house were the same things we had back in the U. S. , except for the toilet. Instead of there being a lever to push down, there was a big square button on top of the toilet. At first I thought that it was some kind of decoration. After about five minutes of looking for the lever, I gave up and called for my Aunt.

She had a good laugh messing with me about not knowing how to flush the toilet. She said, “Most people have trouble with the language and street signs when they first come over, but on the other hand, you cannot fugue out how to flush the toilet. ” Meanwhile, after watching the TV with no success of understanding what was happening, I decided to go on a short bicycle trip. I was given the route to take that would Just circle around the block, and bring me back to the house. Not fully understanding the directions, I proceeded out the door with my uncle’s bike.

I Initially found the trail about which Aunt Toni was telling me, but as soon as I got on that rail, my eyes went up, totally forgetting about the trail. There is no place in the US where one can go out for a bicycle ride and see castles off in the horizon. I saw and heard little German children playing Hide-and-go -Seek. It seemed that the people had no worries about their children playing in the open fields. Soon, I somehow made my way down to the city. I got off the bike and walked with it up and down the little streets of the town. The people all seemed curious and eager to greet me though we did not speak the same language.

Then, I noticed the sun was starting to fall, so I headed back in the direction of the house. The house was no longer in sight, and it had not been in sight for a while. I knew it was in the opposite direction I was going. I rode at a quicker pace back towards where I thought the house was. I was still fascinated by the German’s everyday life. Families were all at the table eating dinner, every person had his or her own wine cup. I looked up to see the stars, and they were Just like they were at home. The moon seemed a little closer, but I was Judging that from the last time I saw the moon at home.

The next thing I knew, the street lights were on, and dusk was in turning into night. I kept thinking, “Where is the house? ” I kept riding towards familiar houses and streets hoping it was the right direction. Then, I started to get nervous. I thought to myself, “l cannot be lost. ” Then I noticed there was someone jogging behind me. I could see it was a tall male fugue. I did not think too much of it, but it turned out to be my uncle. I stopped, and he told me half gasping for air, and laughing, “You have passed the house about four times now, and you didn’t see us world outside of my own.

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