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Virus ProtectionThis can improve a computers

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 31, 2017
Words: 1226
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Virus ProtectionThis can improve a computers

This can improve a computers BY cubbyholes Virus Protection This can improve a computers performance because it means when you go on the internet you don’t download any viruses off the Internet and that means your computer doesn’t become slow because of these viruses so It speeds It up. Recommend virus protection because it can save your computer from viruses and that is a massive benefit because it means you can keep your work and any personal details that you have on your computer so it saves your computer and plus saves you from losing out on a lot of money of In getting your computer repaired from the irises.

Firewalls Firewalls can speed up your computer by controlling what you want the firewall to pass and so if you allow you r firewall to pass a lot of stuff through then it is going to be slower and if let your firewall blocks lot of stuff from passing through then the performance of your PC will be much better.

Recommend using firewalls with your anti-virus software because it saves your time and money if you have one because of things like mallard and hackers trying to get into your system. Removal of cookies It can benefit you because when you go on the web browser It is already there cause It remembers you and so It takes less time for you to make thing Like purchases and login into websites.

Removal of history Clearing your history can improve your PC’s performance on the internet because you are clearing all the data that you previously used and it will be piling up so when you delete It all the browser becomes faster because there Is more space for the computer to store data and will be quicker. Recommend doing this because history Is generally something that is Just there because it’s just what you used before and you can Just favorite pages that you desperately need but history Just take sup space.

Differentiation Defragmenters speeds up the and Improves your PC’s performance because all the space on your hard disks that has been spread out all through the Hard disks will be cleared up of what isn’t being used and puts all of the types of folders into one part of the hard disk so that It is more organized and it organisms it for your so it makes it easier for you to find documents and Is faster because It takes less time for you PC to find the folder.

Recommend doing differentiation every so often because it does speed and improve the computer and it has a problem of slowing it down while its Ewing done so I recommend doing at night when you are not using and are sleeping or If you are at school you could leave It on during because It does take a while.

Drive Formatting This can improve and benefit your computer because drive formatting allows your computer to recognize media so that you can store things like data files and can speed up your computer because It scans for Imperfections and clears data that cannot be used into separate sectors so it Is not In your way and also because It sets up file systems sorts out which folders will be stored and accessed from so it benefits 1 OFF Graphics Card

Graphics card can help improve a computer system because if you like playing games then it will help boost your computers performance dramatically because if you buy a more expensive graphics card then your graphics will be much clearer and the frames per second on the game will be higher so the response time is better. Recommend graphics card if you are a gamer because it is really what you need because if you want to have fun with it and not have problems then get a good expensive graphics card because they run better and make a lot more enjoyable.

I would recommend buying the MAD VISION 1180 because it runs so much better than he MAD VISION 1130 mainly because the 1180 version runs at POOF’S which one of the smoothest gaming graphics card. Operating system You could improve a computer system by buying a better operating system not necessarily a new software but buying an upgrade for it so if you were on windows 7 you could buy windows 8 which is faster and better and has much more programs already installed and also it is Just newer so it is updated and hasn’t got any problems and at that time windows will be working on it an updating all the time.

Recommend windows because it is much more user friendly and you do not have to o any self-work to try and correct something wrong with your computer because you have thing like help and user support. Processor Before I had a Intel Core 16 which was much slower and now I could get processor such as the Intel 17 which is the fastest at the moment for computers and the most used so you could buy this to improve it and speed up the computer and that means for things like loading up it is much quicker instead of having a slow one and taking up much more time.

Hard Drive Could get an external hard drive instead of Just having the hard drive inside the imputer so that I can take it to different places and plug in into different computers for thing like coursework because I cannot take my desktop to college so an external hard drive would benefit me a lot. Recommend upgrading to the ESTATE 2 TUB hard drive because it has a built in back up storage and that is very useful because anything could happen it could break and you can always get your documents back.

Mouse/Keyboard Right now I have an original HP mouse and keyboard but I would upgrade them to much better keyboard and mouse such as the Raze Black widow which has a very sat response time when pressing keys ideal for gaming and the mouse I would upgrade to a Raze Nag which has keys on the side which is ideal for my gaming.

Modem/Router Right now I have the virgin media super hub but I am wanting to upgrade it to a INTEGER NINE because it can hold up to 4 devices at one time and has 4 Ethernet slots and that is very useful because it means that I can run extra technology like an Oxbow through he Ethernet without affecting the computers connection the router. Also it has dual Antenna which means it has a much better wireless signal for items eke phones when they are connected through wireless and wont interrupt the connection and slow it down.

Monitor At the moment I am using an Original HP that came with the computer package but it has a 1 MS response time and that is the best response time that you can get so for gaming it will be very useful.

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