I Don T Want A Cellphone Essay

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I Don T Want A Cellphone

I don’t want a cell phone because I’d prefer to live a more simplistic life. My choice of such a lifestyle is what I want replicated similarly to my ancestors who were fortunate enough h to live with my desire. To grasp my claims more accurately, I’ll define what a cell phone is in my opinion that way I can build an audience whom can hopefully agree to my claims.

A c allophone Is petite telephone one can use with ease and much more frequently whenever they c hose when they have left their premises. And although when defined, a cell phone can sound he evenly, It Is not something of my desire. When its definition is examined as I have stated it, it seems as though a cellophane can be a very heroic device. If I witness trouble or experience it, I can possibly swiftly make a p hone call to authorities to assist me or any other being in time of matters escalating.

I put my w fife at ease, ND say “Hey honey, don’t bother making dinner for the kids tonight, ill be bringing h mom a lovely plaza. “. For any scenario you can think of, when a cell phone Is interplay Into the scenario, It seems to be the victor of the most useful device of them all. A wise man, greatly feared within the criminal underworld once said “theatricality and deception are powerful weapons. ” and his claims are one of the philosophical states .NET I polymeric into my life In order to bring balance and exclude corruption.

Yes, tech logy has been with homeostasis for many years, and has assisted us as a whole with being e efficient in altitudes. But when corruption can interplay into one of technologies latest devices the at can equate to a ritual so demonic, It can exterminate the human civilization as we know It, then that Is when It crosses the line and I refuse to be the next volt of Its flawed ways. Nude photos are being leaked of individuals,