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Advantages of ICT in learning

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 29, 2017
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Advantages of ICT in learning

What is CIT stand for? It is Information and Communication Technology. It’s the technology that connect us through times and places. Wherever we are, whenever we are, we can connect with people that we want at any time. It first started a long time ago but It Just not as advance as now, but now here It Is has make quite Impressive development In Malaysia even It Is not first develop In Malaysia. It has started to take place In so many field such as education. In this century, things get easier with CIT because it could cut cost and time.

Examples of gadgets that are frequently use as a tedium to connect are tablets, smartness and laptops. Even though it will cost some money to buy all those things, it will make our life easier especially for students. There are so many research that had been done that proved, CIT do make differences in learning processes. As for students in university, it will make a big different for them with the using of CIT in learning processes. In university, the subjects learns get more complicated and students have to make their own efforts to understand the subjects better.

With CIT, it will enhance students understanding and attainment towards subject. Students et to search about that particular topic they did not understand and get the detail about the topic. They can even search for the video to make a better understanding. Part of the searching, they can also gain another knowledge that related to their subjects. It may not be in the syllabus but who know that it might be useful in the future. Based on my own experience, the more that we gain, the more we interested in getting know it. It will certainly make a positive impact to student’s motivation in study.

When the understanding of the students increase, it will eventually increase the attainment of the students. Multimedia stuffs are also part of ‘CT. Most effective multimedia stuffs that can enhance students understanding is video. My experience as Science’s student, we can understand all the processes better by do the reading and see the processes. So, it is all depends on student’s Itself, each of them has their own way to understand the subjects they learn. Next, CIT can also act as motivator for the students. With the use of CIT, students will submit their assignments or homework through the cyberspace and no use of the paper.

So, the feedback from the lecturers will only by words without any marks n their assignments. Lecturers will only give comments on part that has big mistakes. Students will not affected by all the red marks that usually they get when they are in school. Research shown that red marks affect someone’s psychological functioning. Red affect student’s performance that it indicate the danger of failure in achievement. It is fine if the red marks are only the ticks, but if it is the negatives comment about your assignment, it will surely make your self-esteem and motivation low.

With the CIT, there’s no more to worry about all that red marks that will affect your self-motivation. Other benefits from this point Is that students can study their mistakes easily because If there are marks from red pens, or even other colors, students will find It hard to read back what they have written because maybe those marks had block the letters. For students In university, they had to done so many research or find journals for their presentations. Sometimes it even possible to find solve things. CIT helps students to do their own research from their rooms.

Just sit back and surf the internet. Students can Google whatever they want and it will come to them within a minutes. Students get to study the research made by researchers from all around the world. They can also gain information that are difficult to reach. For an example, student can do research about the universe through all the information that has been collect by other astronauts and scientists. That student can share the information with his friends through presentation and make his presentation more interesting.

Next advantage of using CIT in learning process is that students can draft and redraft their assignments easily. Not only when drafting, they can also correct their assignments easily without need to redo it. Students use paper sheets to do drafting back then and it cause many papers to waste Just like that. It cost some money to buy AH paper or books Just for draft. They need to think about their ideas really deep before they write it down to avoid the wasting of paper. It is not yet including the assignment itself that really need to be perfect ten.

Nowadays, with ‘CT, they are not the problem for students anymore. It will also shorten the times to make the draft. This eventually can save the tree by lessen the usage of paper. Students will only print out the assignments after they had really finalize their assignments with the lecturer approved. They can also easily update their draft everywhere they are with ‘CT, so they will not forget the idea. The assignments also will not look messy will all those liquid paper or rubber stain when students do the corrections. Through blended learning, students can share thoughts and ideas with lecturers and friends.

It is easier to make a discussion without need to make time to do the meeting. They can also ask opinions from them. It is another benefit of CIT in learning. Example are here in I-KM itself, we have our ‘Folio that help us connect with the lecturers and course mates easily. There are site or us to do our discussions to ask question to the lecturers without need to make an appointment. As we know, all the lecturers may not have time to meet up with us other than our lecture time, so with this folio, we still can ask questions easily.

Other than blended learning within our own course mates, we can also share our thoughts and ideas with other students from other university with the same course as us. Students can connect not only with students in Malaysia, but also students from other country. They can gain a few new knowledge from new friends. CIT not only for formal learning and teaching process, it also can be done at home. Nowadays, parents want their children to be smart and they had already prepared gadgets for their children. Some kids even got their own tablets. It it use to facilitating the acquisition of basic skills.

Every parents want the best for their children and do not want their children to be left out even they are not yet in kindergarten. With this early exposition to basic skills, their children will understand what been teaching by the teachers easily. Basic skills that often been exposed to them are alphabets and numbers. Kids use their hearing and sight sensory to learn new things because they cannot think properly yet. Using all the tablets that have been given to them, they watch video and learn from there. The more colorful and cheerful the video, the more interesting it will be.

There’s also research that show music do gives positive impact to kids’ performance and social skills. Conclusion, the users had to really make good as they will use their laptop, tablets and smartness, that sometimes they will distracted to open other web such as Twitter and Faceable. Never take the usage of CIT in learning for granted as it has make our life easier. We have to appreciate all this opportunity that have been provided to us compare to people back then that go wrought difficulties Just to find a piece of information.

All the good things come with the bad effects, so as a student myself, we need to put aside all the bad effects and make it as a lesson for us not to do it. Malaysia is one of the country that are still in development to achieve the title of developed country. As a citizens and students, we have to really understand how to use CIT in learning so that other people will never underestimate us. Government has to provide some money to exposed students to the CIT so they will know how to really use it in a proper way.

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