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Why I think CrossFit is going to change

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 22, 2017
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Why I think CrossFit is going to change

Portsmouth athlete Crossfire has started something… Something that was unknowable or maybe even impossible before. The answer to “What’s possible? ” is improving. Greg Salesman founded Crossfire, Inc. In 2000. By 2005 there were 13 affiliates, today there are more than 6100. The “Crossfire Games” have been held every summer since 2007. The prize money for each first-place male and female has grown from $500 at the inaugural Games, to $275,000 in 2013. In 2007, about 70 gathered – in 201 3 there were over 140,000 “Open” participants.

This rapid growth is phenomenal. This isn’t a fad… This is a movement! When growth reaches levels Like this, it no longer supports “the average. ” Economists or Statisticians may graph this out and show It as something called a “statistical anomaly. ” These dots are way off the charts and often times Just cast away – as if they don’t matter. I think something very special is happening with these anomalies and they do matter – they matter a lot. Believe the “Law of Attraction” is working with Crossfire. All those “statistical anomalies” are gathering together with magnetic power – like is attracting like.

These re the people with exceptional qualities, the ones who are “off the charts. ” They are faster, stronger, happier, healthier, friendlier, and Just plain better than the average. Crossfire has given these people a place to gather, a reason to gather. As they gather, the more intense the magnetic power gets. The mass then grows more – and exponential growth has begun. The average is being redefined. This is the movement. Crossfire Is pulling the average up. Crossfire Is unique. Lonely workouts with headphones and staring at the TV screen are replaced with coaches and fellow Certifiers cheering and motivating you to finish.

Instead of running on the treadmill to nowhere, you can get a full body workout in about 15 minutes. Workouts are fun, they improve strength and cardiac, and real results can be expected – real results, which can transform thoughts. More and more becomes possible. Focus Is placed on evolving, improving, and learning new skills. The bar is moving up. The definition of food is changing. Just because it is edible and doesn’t kill us instantly, doesn’t make it food. Zone/Pale/Primal – these approaches are improving eating habits and healthy choices are becoming popular and more available.

There Is an improved awareness about inflammation in the body, insulin response, and that food should be thought of as fuel. We are not rabbits or lab mice! We are highly sophisticated omnivores that evolved because of eating a natural, chemical free, high fat diet. Fat Is the best fuel for human bodies, that’s why we store It so easily. This improved awareness is helping to popularize grass fed beef, organic foods, the Farmer’s Market, community supported agriculture (Calls and eating “Local. ” Keep raising the bar. A strong opposition is obvious.

It’s something different, and there is a tot at stake. To the opposition, I say this, “Just try It! ” I don’t have the means, time, or ability to run the necessary experiments and tests to prove unequivocally what you need to hear. “Just try it! ” It’s not easy to break an addiction. Change is hard. It takes 1 OFF that I have been blown away. The other side of breaking the addiction is not Just better – it’s enlightening. My body is now properly fueled and has re-learned to use fat like it is designed to do, and consequently it has turned into a fat burning machine.

Some of the improvements I did not expect; my mental clarity is unbelievable, my energy levels are consistent without late day crashes, I sleep like a rock, and my skin is glowing. I don’t think there is a one size fit’s all diet that must be strictly adhered to. Your diet should be experimented with and “scaled” to what you need. It’s not easy to switch from a low-fat, high-Carr diet to a high-fat, low-Carr diet. We have been conditioned for a long time to believe otherwise. Stop thinking of food as a reward – its fuel! Approach your diet like you approach the workout of the day (WOOD).

Focus on evolving, improving your food choices, and trying new things. There goes the bar again. While Certifiers are focusing on improving abilities, and measuring performance, they gain a new point of reference for body purpose – and ultimately, body image. This is a giant step in the right direction for women especially. Crossfire women are strong, confident, and powerful, and that’s what makes them beautiful. “Strong is the new skinny! ” I’m not sure who said that first, but it’s dead on. Put down the pink bib weights and stop doing unnatural movements on the circuit machines. You are the machine! Use your body, train it, and have fun!

The mage of the ideal woman is changing. It’s easy to spot the Crossfire women who have achieved this level, they are more than beautiful – they are radiant! The bar hasn’t just moved up for these women, their whole universe has been lifted to a higher level, filled with new possibilities. Athletes love to compete. Competition brings out the best in us. The variety and lack of routine offers everyone a chance for their day in the “wheel house” – it feels good to win! Everyone has a different starting point, for some that was rock bottom, while others are striving to compete nationally – the moon thread is intensity.

It’s invigorating to workout next to someone finding new possibilities, giving their all. Crossfire has gathered a community of people who want to figure out what their best is. The positive energy is refreshing. As a father of two young boys, I feel a strong sense of duty to be a positive influence for them. It’s an honor to know they will grow up surrounded by positive role models. It will be amazing to see how high their bars can go. Crossfire is changing the world. Certifiers have literally lifted their bars to new heights. Every day more “cants” are being replaced with “cans.

Possibilities are improving and a rapidly growing number of Certifiers are starting to ask, “What else is possible? ” This way of thinking is now widespread and inspiring more and more. What’s possible for the world is evolving. The average has been redefined, Crossfire is over the bar now, and is looking for something harder to do. I’m excited for a new world that is faster, stronger, happier, and friendlier. A new world with healthier and much better fed communities. A new world filled with people who have a better outlook and improved self image. Crossfire has changed the world, and today the world is “better than yesterday. “

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