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Sport and Science

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: December 26, 2017
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Sport and Science

Snowboarding: Snowboarding made its first Olympic debut 12 years ago Snowboarders use the law of gravity, building speed, and balance half pipe is an example of dynamic balance snowboarders constantly feel the g force constantly pushing against them getting pushed against the wall The higher a half pipe Is the more gravitational energy a snowboarder stores at the t pop 5 interesting facts about Speed Skating: Speed Skating is all about force and movement fastest self propelled sport in winter Olympics speed skating uses Newton’s three laws

The harder a skater pushes the faster he will accelerate To make tight turns the skaters push the Ice hard with their skates Snowboarding includes goofier in it. When the snowboarders are on the halftime they feel the force of the snow and they get pushed against the wall. Once a snowboarder is higher r on the half pipe the snowboarder has more gravitational energy stored. A half pipe is an ex. ample of dynamic balance. That’s how science Is Included In the sport of snowboarding. Speed skating has Newton’s Three laws involved.

First when they start and are staying till they are giving an example of Newton’s First law an object at rest remains at rest. Sec nod when they are skating they are gang example of Newton’s second law force on an box produces acceleration because when they press down on the Ice with their skates the y accelerate. Lastly the skaters give an example of Newton’s third law for every action there is an CEQ al and opposite reaction when they push on the ice and the ice pushes back on them allow Eng them to accelerate. That is how speed skating shows Newton’s Three Laws.

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