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Sponsorship in Sport

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 9, 2017
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Sponsorship in Sport

“Global quest for a sports fan for all seasons”. The article explains how a new sport attempts to break in to a new country. The paragraphs within the article that I am going to focus on explain how important sponsorship is, in order to allow a sport to expand beyond it’s native home ground. “Golf and rugby union are hoping their Inclusion as Olympic sports In 2016 will help them grow beyond their natural heartlands.

HASH, the bank, is pinning its sponsorship strategy on the two sports. It has just signed a partnership agreement with the Royal ND Ancient Golf Club of SST Andrews, golf governing body, and renewed its backing for the British Lions, the rugby union touring side. ‘The R&A has a duty of care to develop the game globally, and we will be able to help as golf federations apply for funding,’ says Giles Morgan, group head of sponsorship at HASH. ‘Golf is gearing itself up and going to broader markets.

The heartlands are the US and the ASK, but golf has boomed in Asia. It has got an opportunity to reach into new markets. ‘ But the growth of any sport in new markets depends on cannibalistic. Sports that enter new markets must bite Into the leisure mime and disposable Income of people already participating In or watching the traditional mall sports of their countries. ” How to export sport: Team sports are preferable – there are more individuals to promote, and a greater sense of tribal identification for fans. Low-maintenance sports help, particularly if participation is key. Sports with complex rules will struggle to win acceptance. * Any sport whose matches take longer than three hours might as well not bother. Cricket learnt this and Invented Twenty. * Test a new market with friendlier or exhibitions but expect to get demands for the ell thing. Everything. Television coverage is As we can see, unless the sport becomes viral, It would nearly essential to obtain sponsorship from a large firm such as HASH.

A sport that receives sponsorship from a large overseas company that has a heavy influence with the people where it is situated would be a dream situation for any sport looking to widen it’s fan base. The best example of this is when the NFG began the NFG International Series at Humble Stadium. The NFG received a lot of Interest from several Although the NFG did not have a large following in the I-J, the interest was very high. Companies such Visa, Fed and PepsiCo were all wing for the sponsorship deal with the NFG.

It was noted though that the Neff’s top choice of sponsor was Procter and Gamble. The mutual benefit for both the sport and the company was very evident in it’s well rounded success. 13 of Procter and Gambler’s products that were included that are included in the domestic deal with the NFG are already widely available within the I-J. This came at a great time when P;G sales came to a halt during the recession. The NFG was able to receive essential funding and knowledge for marketing within the I-J from one of the Auk’s largest companies.

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