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Softball in Olympics

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 9, 2017
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Softball in Olympics

There has yet to be a legitimate excuse as to why the OIC Insists on taking Softball out of the 201 2 and beyond Olympic Games. Softball must be continued in the Olympics to ensure hope for young girls around the world that they can strive for more then just college softball. The Coco’s meeting in Singapore was intentionally for baseball, but unfortunately softball was Inserted in this debate. Since they took away Softball from the Olympics, they had to come up with reasons why they decided to take It out.

One explanation hey stated was that the facilities cost too much money. They also say that there are not enough countries to participate in the Olympics for this sport. Sadly, they didn’t research their argument well because there are 126 countries that play softball, eight that participate, and 32 that have asked to participate but they have been denied because of their play level. (King) The USA has won 3 gold metals in a row and their record last Olympic season was 27-4. (NBC Sports) The OIC has said there is not enough competition because the USA continues to win.

Many agree that the US team should not have to apologize for their winning streak. The OIC also believes that Softball is going to go down the road of steroid abuse simply because baseball has. Though, Softball and Baseball seem to be the same sport with few differences, Softball is being punished for the wrong doings of Baseball. Even those who have never watched Baseball a day In their life still know that Baseball players abuse their use of steroids. Not only In Major League Baseball (ML) do they use steroids but there have also been cases on the Olympic team.

Unfortunately, the close similarity between Softball and Baseball is non beneficial for Softball. Softball is a sport, furthermore mental mind games as well as pure hope in success. This sport is no more then raw talent, mental strength, and your ability to listen. The three [Yes of softball, determination, dedication, and discipline, are critical for life. By playing the sport Is how a majority of people learn the three Ad’s of softball and life. This is one of the many sports that are very competitive. It takes a hard working individual to be able to play this sport.

The dream of each hard working girl that plays competitive softball is to play in college, eventually making it to the Olympic team. There are 126 countries that play the game of Softball, and the abolition Softball from the Olympics will leave all hope lying on their senior year of Softball has been the Use’s main priority ever since it hit the Olympics. With three gold metals the USA refuses to let their sport drift away from the Olympics. If Softball is permanently discontinued in the Olympics it is only fair to have an organization similar to ML.

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