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Rant on Music and Sports

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 4, 2017
Type of paper: PsychologySocietySports
Words: 903
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Rant on Music and Sports

Bandwagons fans. If you don’t know what a bandwagon fan is, they’re anyone who claims they are a “fan” of a particular sports team, even though they had no prior support for/interest in the team until that team started winning. These types of fans only show playoff interest, have probably never watched a regular season game, don’t own any type of team merchandise, nor would they buy any. For example, a lot of people were bandwagon fans during the years of 2010 to 2013 when Lebanon James and Chris Bosh Joined the Mall Heat basketball association. People only liked them when they were good.

Now that Lebanon has joined the Cleveland Cavaliers, all of those bandwagon fans and many more have now Just happened to like that team, even though they were a very bad team the past few years. This doesn’t only apply for Just basketball, but for all sports. You have your Green Bay Packers bandwagon fans, your Los Angles Angels bandwagon fans, even your Roy McElroy bandwagon fans. It aggravates me especially when the bandwagons talk about how good “their” team Is. It makes me want fight them, but instead I just ask them to name how long they were fans of that team and if they an name me that team’s roster or record before they were good.

Usually I get the replies of “It doesn’t matter, we’re good now. ” or “You’re just asking that because my team is better than yours. ” Well of course your team is probably better than mine, but at least I’m a loyal member to my team win or lose. I remember going onto Twitter and reading some guy say “It was a nice few years being a Mall heat fan, now Imam go look for the next best team to like” No, I didn’t paraphrase that. He actually did say that statement word for word. Don’t get me wrong, there are loyal fans that have liked hem before they were good, and then that team became good, but those are very rare occurrences nowadays.

I can relate in that I’m a Chicago Blackjack (hockey) fan since day 1, and now they happen to be a high quality team that always contends for the championship. In college football, bandwagon fans have a slew of teams to choose from: you have the Florida State Seminole. Oh but you can never go wrong with the Alabama crimson Tide. Now we cannot forget the explosive Oregon Ducks. Also, there’s the always solid Oklahoma Sooner. You know what? Why don’t the bandwagon fans pick ALL THE TEAMS? That way they can never lose and can always brag about how good “their” team is.

But you know what? One say those teams won’t be national powerhouses, and they’ll move onto another team. You can compare the bandwagon fans to leaches. They stick to their source until It runs out of energy (wins or championships In this case), and then they Just search for another team to feed off of. When you think about it, bandwagon fans don’t necessarily have to be involved in sports. They can also be involved in music. For example, my two favorite bands, 5 Seconds of Summer and the rapping group Amigos, have their fair share of bandwagon fans.

In this case, people who “like” COOS only like the songs “She Looks So Perfect”, “Good Girls”, and especially “Amnesia”. They refer to the band members Guy’ (Michael Clifford), and “That Drummer” (Gaston Irwin). They only like the well- known songs, and Just nod their heads when real fans, like myself, talk about songs or the people at a deeper level than they ever know. You could also apply bandwagon fans to Amigos. If you don’t know Amigos, you probably live under a rock or a bubble or in your mom’s asses cassette case that she plays nonstop. Amigos are a group of rappers consisting of Takeoff, Guava, and Offset.

They may not have the best names, but they spit mad fire in their rhymes. Most “fans” know their songs “Fight Night”, Versa”, “Hannah Montana”, or even “Contraband”. You don’t see anyone talk much about them outside of these songs, nor do you hear other songs by them on those Beats Pills that kids carry around during class transitions. As you can see, I’m not too fond of bandwagon fans. They anger me, and Just ruin the whole experience of sports and music, and discussions about them. They only care about the star players and the scores, or famous people and main songs.

They always find a way to aka sports less fun when you can hop from team to team without question, but the loyal fans get the true sports experience with that high feeling when you win, and that deep, sinking feeling when your team loses. They also make music less enjoyable when one person finds a new favorite band, song, or band member every 5 minutes. Bandwagon fans not only corrupt sports and music, but they corrupt friendships, happiness, and enjoyment of them. If I see another person switch sports teams or go “appointing”, I’ll Just ROOK Vine them through a table, or even make them listen to some Chief Kef. That’ll teacher a lesson.

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