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Converse College Soccer

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
Words: 2133
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Converse College Soccer

This is Coach John Constable here from Converse College in Suppurating, South Carolina. I took over the Head Coaching position at Converse 3 years ago and I am currently In the recruiting process for the 201 5 year, I am looking to get a number of impact players in here to turn this program upside down. We have an interest in you for 201 5 and we are looking to bring in 6 players for the fall of 2015. Before I continue with this email, I just think it is important that you know that we are building something very special here. We are slowly but surely showing people that the

Converse soccer program shall and will be successful and the turnaround over the next 5 years shall be rather Incredible. Please see more Info below on our school and soccer program: Some of the key points on our school are below: 1 . #3 in the South on the “Great Schools at Great Prices” list 2. We are ranked # 17 Regional University in the South 3. 63% of our 201 3 class had job/grad school acceptance letters in hand, the day that they graduated! 4. We have a student to teacher ratio of 1 5. We are based In Suppurating, which Is a lively city. There are 6 colleges In Suppurating! 6.

We are a 3 hour drive from a fantastic beach vacation holiday: Charleston. Plus only 4 hours from Myrtle Beach! 7. We give you the best of both worlds. We are a women’s college, which means you can concentrate on your school work without any distractions, PLUS we are in a fantastic location where there are numerous Co- De schools neighboring us and an endless amount of social hang outs! One Co De school, NCAA ODL Woofed, is Just a walk across the road). Suppurating, SC, is such an awesome place to go to school! 8. Converse offers competitive academic scholarships and has lots available!

Some of the key points from a soccer perspective are below: 1 . You would Join a soccer program that has already begun to take off under our control. Just for your Information, I previously played professionally for Motherly Football club (Currently the 3rd best pro team In Scotland). 2. You can help us break all sorts of records, as we progress year to year. My team is already a bunch of history makers as we were the first team sport ever at Converse to qualify for the post season Conference Carolinas play offs!!!! 3. You can be part of the “feel good factor” that comes with being with a team that moves from losing to inning!

We have made huge strides both In results and performances over the past 3 seasons and this shall only continue! 4. We have many good players on the team just now. We just need more to improve results further! 5. We have our own well maintained soccer field on campus with lights and a locker room. All soccer players love night games under the lights! 6. You will have a Head Soccer Coach that cares about you as a person, and not Just as a soccer player. 7. You would join a program where grades are still #1 priority 8. You would Join a program that will be an educational, athletic and social perspective. You will play for a Head Coach who will play the best players with the best attitudes, regardless of seniority. My motto is, “If you are good enough, you are old enough”. We have a history of starting freshmen! 10. We have soccer/athletic scholarship money available for players that show they can help us. Many of our current players are on soccer scholarships! 1 1 . We have a great bunch of young women that are unbelievably welcoming. We are like one big soccer family here! Competitive Conference Carolina’s 12. We play NCAA DO soccer in the very 13.

We have a new awesome Assistant Coach. His name is Andrea Phaedra and he is from Colombia in South America. The players love him!!! 14. We shall have a new state of the art athletic field house at our soccer complex for the fall of 2014 with a brand new locker room and weight room! See the link for more info and for the slideshows of what it shall look like – http://www. Converse. Du/news-article/2012/09/25-million-given-construct- Marsha- h- Gibbs-field-house 15. Once the new field house is up and running, we have future plans to stream our home games online!

This means, even if your mom and dad can’t make very game, they would still get to see you live via live stream on the net! Lastly, a couple of things I wanted to mention: Just in case you may possibly be a little concerned with the fact it is a women’s college, I wanted to comment on a few aspects related to this. The common worry that many young females have before they give Converse a try is “l won’t see a boy for 4 years and the school will be full of nothing but young women that are 100% anti – male! ” This couldn’t be further from the truth!!! Converse is full of like-minded women who go to class to get a great education.

They don’t go to class for a social hangout and they don’t go to get distracted. They go to work and it really is a “let’s get to work mentality” that they have towards their education. Aside from this, they still have a great time away from the classroom and I can assure you, my player’s network of friends and their hangouts, cookouts, parties etc. That they attend aren’t Just restricted to women only! Not to mention, I would be willing to bet that there is a better social life to be had attending a Women’s college in a vibrant place like Suppurating, than there is at the charity of Co- De DO,DO, and ANNA schools in the whole of the US!

There are 6 colleges in Suppurating alone! My players tend to socialize frequently at Co De – Woofed College, which is a walk across the road and also USC Upstate. Speaking from personal experience having played college ball in the North and South and having coached in the South, the vast majority of schools have been in the middle of nowhere that with many of them, the highlight of the week was going to Wall-Mart! I have been there, done it, and bought the t shirt with regards to this and I eave friends all over the country that had a similar experience with a small school in a small town.

Now I am not saying for a second that all DO, DO and ANNA schools are in towns with not much to do, but a large percentage of them are. You certainly won’t Suppurating is a very happening place and my players enjoy it very much here indeed, as there is Just so much to do! Understand one more thing. Regardless of what school you go to (Co De or all women): 1- Your team will be all women 2- You will have a female room mate The only difference at Converse is that when you eat in the cafeteria, you will eat with charity female only students and when in class, you will study with female only students.

Aside from that, you can hang out with anyone you like in a very happening place. I don’t usually stress the social side of it when talking to a recruit, but since I know firsthand that we have had many players that were concerned beforehand about it being an all-women’s school, I thought it was best to touch on the subject. I feel it is also important to note that my players didn’t choose Converse because we are single gender.

They were all actually a little sketchy about the fact we were single gender hen I initially started recruiting them BUT once they came and spent some time with us on campus and checked out what we had to offer, they absolutely LOVED it here and now that they are here on the program, they still love it here! Player enjoyment and satisfaction on our program is sky high! We love what we do! Just for the record, 98% of women who have attended Converse state that beforehand, they were concerned about the fact it was an all-women’s school, but…… Al went on to state they had the time of their lives!!! Make no doubt about it, I am very interested in having you on my program and my wow main concerns are your education and your soccer experience. Both of these experiences can fill you with satisfaction at Converse and you can look back with pride, years from now, knowing you acquired a degree from a well-respected school and you can always look back and say that you played a huge part in turning Converse into a top class college soccer team. Talk is cheap, but I can assure you, it will happen!

Converse is a great school academically and throughout my own research before I took the Job, it was nonstop praise I heard with regards to the standard of education that we provide. Now that I have been here 3 years, I understand why everyone speaks so highly of Converse College! This place is fantastic! Secondly, the soccer program will progress each year under my guidance. We have the team fitter, more organized, working harder, and battling harder and we shall continue to make progress with them technically and tactically. This will continue to increase our wins further over the next 5 years.

On top of this, I intend on getting as feeling being with a team who everyone expects to beat and all of a sudden they start realizing you’re not the pushover you once were. I had this as a player when I went to Sexton Hill University and if you become part of my program, you will experience the exact same feeling here with steady progression each year. The progression is already very much under way! Let me know if you think you may be interested in Converse and pursuing an educational and soccer career in Suppurating, South Carolina!

If I don’t hear from you within 7 days, I will presume you are not interested and will move on to other targets however we sure do hope to hear back from you. Lastly, Just for your information, Converse is an all-women’s school at the undergraduate level but is indeed co-De at the graduate level and we almost have as many graduate students as undergraduate students. Also, some more interesting facts on Converse are below: 1 90% of our students that graduate are proven to graduate within 4 years.

This is huge and is one of the best graduation rates in the country and best in the state of SC 2 Our soccer program is gradually taking off. Belief is sky high and it truly is a program that is going to progress year after year. Spring and fall performances/ results have improved drastically, as has team morale and player satisfaction. Converse has an 11-1 student to faculty ratio. This is one of the best ratios in the country and ensures you get the personalized attention that you deserve 4 We are in an awesome location, surrounded by other co-De schools.

Suppurating is known as the “sweet spot” as we are in a central location close to everything from beaches, to the mountains for snow skiing, to big cities like Greenville SC, Atlanta Georgia, Asheville NC, Charlotte etc. Plus there is so much to do right here in Suppurating! 5 We get good weather here. SC is nice and warm! 6 You would enjoy your soccer here. Since I took over in Jan 2011, our players have had a blast and we truly feel we are progressing along very nicely. 7 From an academic standpoint, Converse is an awesome school.

Our average ACT score, SAT score and GAP of incoming freshmen is way above the national average. You would be surrounded by likened smart people! No one comes to Converse to waste time!!!!! They come to acquire a degree from a highly well respected college!!!!!!!! In all honesty, as a soccer program the stage we are now at is we can give almost any team a right good game when we play to our fullest. With the help of a few more alienated players, combined with the talented players we have already, we are ready to take the next step and start picking up a lot more wins!

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