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American football

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 5, 2017
Words: 747
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American football

A company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment (both ecological and social) In which It operates. ” (1 ) Many debate whether or not the benefits of CAR out weigh the negatives. Some companies only use CAR In order to help their Image however, I believe that when used correctly CAR will not only benefit the company but will also provide a great deal of service and benefit for the community. One example of this that has been in the news lately has been the NFG and concussions. With the NFG being such a violent sport injuries are art of the Job.

Players who play football know that they have a high chance of getting hurt. Even with this apparent danger concussions have been a huge problem for the league and its image. It has gotten so bad that recently a number of former players actually sued the NFG for negligence and improper medical treatment of concussions. This has caused an uproar with the general public and has caused the league to have major a major public relations problem. With the Image hit, youth football saw a 9. 5 Percent drop In participation among Its’ largest youth football league Pop Warner. 2) Parents are scared to put their kids In football and even former players were coming out and saying that they would not let their kids play football. This public relations hit has diminished the upcoming talent pool and the league had to do something in order to help its image while also making the game safer. One of the steps that the league has taken in order to repair its image was to introduce a program, called Heads up Football. In August 2012 “The NFG announces it’s funded Heads Up Football, a new USA Football initiative to promote safety and concussion wariness in youth football. (3) Did the NFG create this program in order to actually increase player safety or is it just a public relations stunt tin order o help the Leagues’ image? A statement from the NFG foundation says it is all about the safety, “The health and safety of the youngest football players Is a priority for parents, coaches across The country and the NFG Foundation. That Is why we are supporting Heads Up Football – a Program developed by USA Football that puts safety where It belongs – front and center. ” (4) So lets first take a look at the player safety aspect of he training.

If the league is able to teach kids when they are young, the proper and safest way to tackle, the amount of injuries will reduce dramatically. Kids will no longer lead with their head, nor will they launch at another opponents head. These are skills that will carry with them as they continue to grow and will eventually become muscle memory for them when they need to react on a quick play. This does take some time to implement so the NFG will not be able to reap the safety benefits of the program right away. This is because these kids playing youth football have numerous years to go before they even enter college let alone the NFG.

The immediate Impact of the Heads up program comes from the public relations standpoint. The NFG Is the most popular sport In the country by a long shot but the league was In dire need of some good public relations and the Heads up program was Just enough In order to calm the critics. It showed that they were trying and to show that they were serious. “The NFG will promote USA Football’s Heads Up Football program during nationally televised preseason games, through in-stadium manners and field stencils and digitally on team websites,” along with a mobile app that can be downloaded. 5) This took up valuable revenue generating spots and it shows how much the league felt that it needed to repair it image and help reduce the concussions. The league did the right thing by setting up a program in order to teach the youth the correct way to play the game and also keep them safer in the process. Did they need to market as much as they did? Probably not but they felt that the more they got their message out there the better the league would look. If you are doing something good for the community you should have the right to publicize it.

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