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World Issues People In The World

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
Words: 600
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World Issues People In The World

On the other hand, when dealing with a smaller scale of about 100 people, even one death would greatly affect the rest of the population; thus, this Is the sad reality. Current statistics claim that nearly 28, 928 people died of hunger alone today, and about 3, 422, 424 people died this year due to smoking. Statistics also claim that about 14, 506, 411, 049 cigarettes have been smoked today. It’s quite horrifying to see that deaths similar to these occur everyday, but we continuously go n with our lives infrequently thinking about it.

It is evidently understood that the deaths of smokers are significantly larger than those who have died due to starvation; in fact, if individuals stopped wasting money on harmful things and put that money towards something more worthy like feeding those struggling through poverty, the lives of so many would be saved. To be honest, I can only imagine for something amazing Like this to happen. If we reduce the population to about a 100 people, half the population would disappear due to effects of smoking and starvation.

Next, when I take a look at what certain individuals spend their wealth on, it becomes very shocking to grasp. For instance, there are about 898, 025, 347 people who are undernourished; yet, over 274, 414, 305, 118 dollars worth of illegal drugs have been and are continuously being purchased this year. When I compared these numbers, I was tremendously disturbed at the results. The fact that there are around 898, 025, 347 people who are undernourished, and 274,414, 305, 118 dollars are being spent solely on illegal drugs tells me how corrupt our world really is.

People are willing to spend large sums of money on illegal drugs, but could care less about helping those in need; In fact, this displays complete selfishness and Immorality, in which this world Is made up of. If we reduce the population to about 100 people, a large percentage of the wealth would be used to purchase Illegal drugs. Where as, a large portion In the village of a 100 would struggle day-to-day trying to find at least one decent meal. If the money used to buy illegal substances could be used to purchase sympathetic place.

When someone does the moral thing and decides to use the money to buy food for the poor rather than illegal drugs, the value of the money truthfully goes a long way. In actuality, I was never aware of any of this information that I have been presented with; in fact, by being exposed to these numbers I have opened my eyes to see the reality of this world for what it is. Also, by portioning these current demographics into a world off 100 people, I have been able to get a better look at how our world functions. By looking at these statistics, I am able to better appreciate what I have.

Even the simplest things, like the abundance of food I have or the bed I am able to sleep on, are a few things that I usually take for granted; however, I realize that these are the things that I should be thankful for instead. It breaks my heart to know that those who have a bed, cloths, food, and a roof over their heads are richer than seventy five percent of the population in the world. One day I do hope that the harsh issues that our world deals with, such as undernourishment, and drug abuse will end; however, I am certain that it will take an enormous period of time to actually happen.

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