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Van hoa anh my

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 18, 2017
Words: 1098
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Van hoa anh my

Is John really planning to talk to Jell later? What does this phrase mean? I’ll explain it in order to understand clearly about the conversation. John and J are having difficulties talking to each other because they come from differing culture. Therefore, they have difference in conversation , and they don’t understand each other. Moreover , the American is friendly, talkative, but the Asian is introvert, pushy, not confident when they talk with stranger. I don’t think] is interested in talking to John because the Asian don’t want to be asked too much. In Asian, they onto ask what people do.

It’s impolite in Asian country. I think that each person feels embarrassed when there Is a silence because they don’t understand what other thinks and what they will talk next. I think John should talk slowly and have some suggestion for Jell In order that Jell talk more. Besides, John shouldn’t interrupt Jell In order to create comfortableness for Jell. On the other hand,] should become open and outgoing. Besides,J should talk more and have some question to John in order to show John that J is friendly. John says ” talk to you later” to end the conversation.

I hint John isn’t planning to talk to J later because he feels boring when he talks took. He can’t feel Jig’s goodwill. Furthermore, they don’t have the same point because they have different culture In conclusion , culture affects conversation. In my opinion, I think John and J should make more foreign friend to understand each other clearly and find more about culture of each other to communicate easily. Case 2 A Chinese teacher who replace a British teacher, teach students in reading class. However, the teacher and the students don’t understand each other that causes contradiction. What does this incident Illustrate?

Why were the teacher and the students shocked by the remarks? Why did the brutish teacher fail to develop a harmonious relationship with the chillness teacher? I’ll explain It to understand clearly. The paragraph shows that the teacher and the student don’t understand learning, education between east and western, so that they can develop a harmonious relationship. The teacher and the students shocked by the remarks because they don’t have similar style and method. The teacher is embarrassed when the student is too direct. In England , teachers lead a discussion, but they don’t nominate it.

They create comfortableness for student who can participate in lesson and give a lot of questions for teacher. Students are taught to think outside the box, to do their own thinking, and to create new things. They are not oblige in framework. Moreover, students like working in group and discussing what they want. On the contrary, in China, the teacher is sage on the stage. They follow Confucianism , so that teacher is the authority on everything and shouldn’t be questioned. They are a respectful person in class that everyone have to listen and ask questions.

Chinese dents are not creative because they Just listen and follow speech of teacher. The British teacher fail to develop a harmonious relationship with the Chinese teacher because they don’t understand each other, and they don’t have similar teaching method. In conclusion, Culture affect learning so that teachers should research differences in culture of that country before teaching. Teacher should search a teaching methods and how to manage the class in that country in order to harmonize with students. Case 3 Visitant and Paul are friend in united states.

Vanish come from India , but Paul mom from Boston. They help each other in study ,but Paul didn’t seek out further interaction with her. Why mistakes were made? Was Paul conclusion a rational one? How did Paul interpret visitant’s behavior? What should Paul have done instead of the ending relationship with visitant? I’ll explain it to understand clearly. The mistake were made that Vast did not show any signs of appreciation and did not say “Thank you”. It’s impolite in American because when you receive a gift from the American, you should smile and say “Thank you” with them.

I think Paul conclusion as not a rational one because each countries has difference culture. In Indian traditional, girls are not allow contact too much with men outside their family so that Visitant isn’t good at communication with men. She feel uncomfortable when receive gift from a man. Moreover, they are shy and reserved when they get in touch with man. Paul though that Vanish was ungrateful and impolite. Vanish does like this because she came from conservative family in India which can’t contact with the boys outside.

In my opinion, I think he should talk to her about this problem and explain the American culture for her in order to improve the relationship instead of the ending relationship with Visitant. In conclusion, culture affect communication. I think Vast should be open-minded with man. Besides, she should improve communication with stranger. Paul should learn more about another culture before beginning relationships. He shouldn’t Judge another people for the first time. Case 4 Lisa and Similes are friend. Similes puzzled at the rather cool way that Lisa treated her. What are possible reason for these differing reactions?

How does Similes interpret friendliness? Does Lisa consider friendship and friendliness to be synonymous? I’ll explain it to understand communication clearly. Differing culture cause differing reaction. In America, they are talkative and open-minded. They like a small talk in order to create friendliness for other person. After a small talk, it doesn’t openly Just to keep the friendly atmosphere but then will not give the meeting with Lisa much thought. In my opinion, Similes thought that friendliness is talking frequently not interrupting. She can’t feel friendly when Lisa Just say “hello” with her in the second time.

I think Lisa doesn’t consider friendship and friendliness to be synonymous because towards Lisa, friendliness is talking with a lot of people. They don’t care too much about long-term relationship because they Just want to expand relationships. Towards Lisa, friendship is a long-term relationship for people who have a lot of same points. In conclusion, I think Similes should be open-minded , flexible in relationship because each country have differing culture. She should fall in line with every people. Nevertheless, Lisa should talk more with Similes because she’s a foreigner who is strange with everything in America.

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