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The Cost of Protecting Our Borders

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 10, 2017
Words: 1087
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The Cost of Protecting Our Borders

Immigrants what they are at face value: Criminals. They commit an Illegal act that undermines the economic backbone of our country and not one administration has wanted to tackle the problem head on. Why is that? Is it political correctness that stands in the way? Or is it political posturing, budget constraints or all three? And what is the true cost of maintaining our borders? How much have we spent to protect America from Illegal and what means do we use to obtain our objective? For the past two decades, the U. S. Overspent has pursued a contradictory policy on immigration and the creation of trade agreements has also created a new vehicle for Illegal entry Into our country. While NONFAT has Increased the commercial Integration, an unintentional consequence Is the creation of a functional network which now allows the ability to transport illegal immigrants more easily under the guise of the trade agreement. The U. S. Border Patrol is responsible for patrolling 8,000 miles of the land and coastal borders of the united States to detect and prevent the illegal entry of aliens and contraband, Including terrorists and weapons of mass seduction.

An addition of 6000 agents at a price tag of $14,700 to train each agent still has not made a dent in our border control. (GAO) The current border control enforcement is weak at best. Coupled with failed policies and political posturing this has only succeeded In pushing Illegal Immigrants Into more remote regions. That has resulted in a tripling of the death rate at the border and, at the same time, a dramatic fall in the rate of apprehension. (1) The cost to U. S. Taxpayers for making one arrest along the border increased from $300 in 1992 to $1,700 in 2002, an

Increase of 467 percent In Just a decade. (1) Enforcement has driven up the cost of crossing the border illegally, but that has had the unintended consequence of encouraging illegal immigrants to stay longer in the United States to recoup the cost of entry. The result is that illegal immigrants are less likely to return to their home country, causing an Increase In the number of Illegal Immigrants remaining in the united States. Arizona has an estimated 500,000 Illegal aliens living In the state and in 2009, the border patrol agents arrested 241 ,OHO illegal aliens.

Arizona illegal 1 OFF a whopping $2. 7 billion in 2009, according to researchers at the public interest group that helped write the state’s new immigration law. (2) Researchers at FAIR – The Federation for American Immigration Reform, (FAIR), conducted a study in May 2010 that shows a steady increase in costs in multiple areas, including incarceration, education and health care, in the last five years. (2) Fairy’s data shows that illegal immigrants take $1. 6 billion from Arizona education system, $694. 8 million from health care services, $339. Million in law enforcement and court costs, $85. Million in welfare costs and $155. 4 million in other general costs. (4) This is Just one State! Nationally, the numbers are in the billions. Border control efforts are certainly not new and technological advancements have helped, albeit not without major cost inducing glitches. For example, in 2005 the Department of Homeland Security announced a Secure Border Initiative (SIB) aimed at securing the borders and reducing illegal immigration. At a cost ranging in the billions, this multi year project as not without costly troubles. A byproduct of the SIB is the Secure Fence Act of 2006.

The SFA increased the border control funding from a low of $4. 6 billion to $10. 4 billion. The goal was to employ the use of technology like radar, cameras and sensors, as well as infrastructure via fences, roads and lighting to detect and deter illegal entry. The focus was on the southwest border at areas deemed “more vulnerable” than other entry points. The fence was to be 700 miles long and equipped with the latest and greatest technology tax payers could buy. The fence was a failure. Radar and motion detectors set off alarms sending in the troops but often they are false alarms.

Birds fly into the fence and set the alarms off and even high winds will set it off. (3) What’s the solution? A political debate of course! How can the government ineffectually spend more? A proposal by Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Duncan Hunter, called for two fences composed of metal and wire that would run from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Coast. Additionally, he proposed that a two layer 15′ fence be constructed along the entire length of the U. S/ Mexico border. (3) The cost was estimated to be from 4 billion to eight billion dollars for the 2,000 mile fence.

A Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll indicated that Americans favored a proposal to build a 2,000-mile security fence by a 51-to-37 percent margin. (4) But Homeland Security Secretary Michael Cheroots claimed it would cost too much at a rate of roughly $10 million per mile. (2) Really? When you pull the numbers for the cost in which we pay to house and feed illegal immigrants coupled with the burden placed on our schools, hospitals and law enforcement I would agree with the sorority of Americans in this: We want our borders secured and the cost to do so effectively will pay for itself in time.

The stimulus money that was thrown in the wind could have and should have been allocated to our national security and border control. Conclusion The costs are staggering. The political debate over Arizona new immigration laws are comical considering our government officials who are criticizing the law haven’t taken the time to read it. With ignorance we have complacency and with complacency we have anarchy. I am not advocating anything new here. The borders must be secure and the cost to do so is far less than if we continue to let the flow of illegal immigrants go unchecked.

We already cater to the Hispanic population by having bi correctness above our own interests as a sovereign nation, we are ruining this great country and what it means to be an American. Bleeding heart liberals and human rights groups continue to forget a simple fact in this debate. Illegal immigrants are coming through the back door of your home. And this makes them nothing more than moon criminals who seek and receive protection and reap the fruits of all of us, not to mention the legal immigrants who came before them.

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