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Sunsets In Italy, fishermen are punished for helping illegal immigrants from the sea get to shore and let them go because this adds to the illegal immigration problem in Italy. Therefore a young man named Fillips does not let any illegal immigrants on his boat. Later some people die and Fillips changes his mind about the matter. He decides to help a mother, a little boy and a newborn baby.

I liked this movie because it showed real problems that people in Italy face with illegal immigration and it also shows how people can be punished for saving other people. The movie also had very good camera work and the scenes were well put together. If I was Fillips I would do the same thing he did and save the family because if he didn’t decide to save them he would have to live with that guilt and It would basically be murder if he watched them die.

But I wouldn’t go as far as he did and let her rent my house If I knew she was an illegal Immigrant. I would save her but she would be in Italy on her own. Because you put yourself more at risk of getting caught if you have an illegal immigrant renting your house so the Italian police and government might know something strange is going on. Also you would get In trouble for having them In your house but when you help them It would be harder for them to find you.