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Society’s Effect on Dress Code

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 26, 2017
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Society’s Effect on Dress Code

There’s a popular saying “you ever get a chance to make a second first impression”, which I believe is very true. The first time you walk into a room full of people, an important Job interview, or even a classroom on the first data of school people begin to make Judgments Immediately. Respect also tends to collide with first Impressions, you may gain It or lose It. Respect Is an Ideal Image that may be difficult to characterize. In It’s simplest terms, respect Is an attitude of appreciation, approval, or esteem, which may signify ones views on another.

In many situations the way people dress may display their attitudes, behavior, or even their personal interests. For example, a man and/or woman dresses professionally in a suit and tie may come off as very sophisticated, intelligent, and educated, yet they can be none of the above. Also people who tend to dress in all black are labeled as “gothic”, which to society means they’re quiet, insecure and keep to themselves even tough they may be the nicest most genuine people.

Most people me to Judge a book by Its cover’ before actually getting to actually know someone. Why Is It that we wear a sophisticated outfit for an Interview, black for a funeral, a dress for a wedding? We do It out of respect. Respect for ones self, religion, loved ones and human kind in general. This seems to be the difference between now and a few decades ago. Clothing was not as much of a problem for women because there were rules and expectations for attire, yet now woman tend to act promiscuous and dress more openly then years ago.

Self esteem also has to do with the way one dresses, because think about it when you’re in your favorite dress, or favorite Jeans you feel confident and better about yourself which may make your image better. People dress In a variety of ways because It makes them who they are. Switching from a business suit during the day at work to a club outfit to go out with friends at night Is perfectly fine, but observation Is a very helpful way to understand someone. Society tends to be very Judgmental, so always remember to respect yourself and Just be different.

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