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Safeguarding In Health And Soci

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
Words: 3098
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Safeguarding In Health And Soci

In health and social care Introduction: People live in a society. This society is comprised with several elements like Individuals, organization, environment. Rules and regulations, behavior. Law and so etc. But individuals can be said the main element of a society. Without individual it can’t be formed. In a society individuals are confronted with various problems and obstacles. They are facing various types of risk and abuse. People In society minimize their problems interacting and stretching the helping hand to others. Ingle parenting has become a concerning issue in America and European countries. Effect of single parenting Is huge and stakeholders associated with a particular single parenting suffers a lot. Task 1: 1. 1 ‘Frank’ is the only child of Leister and Stephen’. He is only 13 years old. His parents become separated when he was at the age of eight. From that time he brought up with his mom. His mom is a service holder at an insurance company. After the separation his mom didn’t marry again. Her main focus is to help his son Frank so that he can’t realize his father’s absence.

But frank was feeling his fathers absence severely. He can easily understand how much hardship his mom has to bear to run this family. Beside that he usually faces problem in every working sector. He fined suffering from leg injury. Frank is a boy with talent from childhood. But after the separation of his parents he suddenly started changing his attitude. He somehow started being an indifferent person. He acts like he really doesn’t care anything. He suffers problems like financial, social and emotional. He always craves for being in with his parents. But separation turned his fantasy into reality.

Frank can’t concentrate on his study, sports or extracurricular activities. For natural reason Stephens has to work hard and most of the time have to spend time in working. Because of that she is unable to give time to his son though she wants to. So frank spends majority of his time alone. Now he doesn’t want any chaos and noise. He knows his mom is doing her best to serve him but only he can realize his world has changed. Nothing is happening what he wants. Every element of this world is perfect without him. He wants nothing but a family with full of love.

He waits for his dad’s call. He finds himself unlucky when he sees his friends with their dad. This 13 year young boy is severely suffering from being alone. He is in such a mental condition SE definitely can harm to himself or others. Losing self control, he can be entangled with anti social activities like robbery, murder, terrorism and so on. Being addicted is normal with single parent child as their parents have no time to spend with them. They are brought up without parents proper take care. Sometimes the individuals like frank consider themselves the guilt one.

The individuals and society both is suffering because of enhancing divorce. The children of these parents become the vulnerable and they are now at risk in society. There are some risks factors existed which can affect the young talents at any time ND instigate to do wrong or anti social activities in society. We know that there are five elements including food, accommodation, clothing education and medicine which are basic rights of an individual. But there are some factors which have been identified which cause barriers for single parent children from getting their basic rights.

The risk factors are described below: Poverty: poverty becomes one of the major risks of a single parent child. In Europe the living cost and the day to day expenses are too much costly. So it becomes tough for a single parent for his [her children’s bringing up. Before the divorce they used to share all the expenses so that they didn’t have to face any difficulties but after the divorce things started to change and it becomes a vulnerable situation for the child. So single parent children places themselves at the risk of poverty.

Low parent child communication: single parents usually remains busy in earning money for their family as they don’t find time to spend with their children. They have wait for weekend sometimes to have a little chit chat with them. Low conversation between the children and single parents affects their relationship badly. Only the relationship exist is the financial side, not emotional. This emotion keeps the children away from their parents. So both parents are needed so that one can take care in absence of another. Hostile behavior from parent: children face unaccepted behavior from parent.

It can affect their mental condition badly. Every child craves for the love and affection from their parents rather than having misbehaver from them only because of their marital separation. As parents can’t take care as much as they need, so they feel the lack of healthcare. Often child becomes sick and there is governess only to look after them. Divorce: often parents force their children to choose a side. This type of behavior influences badly and increases the turmoil situation between their parents. They started to feel that they might be the guilty one. 1. : Swedish researchers conducted a research on single parenting which shows that children’s of single parents are twice vulnerable to mental issues and attempting suicide. 41 percent children are now from outside marriage.. From the statistics of American census bureau , 28 % children are from single parent family. The impacts of single parent family is acute in society . Some basic impacts are discussed below from the perspective of social and cultural view. Poverty: Census 2013 show that single mom families are of 24 % and within that 80 % of the families are living under indigence . T becomes a social barrier for the young talents that they have to cope with it with hardship. Scarcity of time: The single parents have to do all the work in home and outside alone. So he She can’t spend time with their children. Kids become depressed and unwanted because of lack attention from their parents. Insecurity: Kids of single parents confront so much trouble all the life that an inherent insecurity develops within them without the knowledge of them. Normalization: though society has progressed a lot. Single parenting is not that well received in society till now. Kids face distinguishes on economical and social sectors.

This normalization may drive them to anti social activities like robbery, murder and so on. Sexual activity: rate of sexuality is high from the children of single parent families. On a study of 700 correspondents, it has been found that the adolescents occupied in earlier sexual activities. Psychiatric problem: kids of single p[aren’t family come the victim of psychiatric problem. According to the research of photons. Com a study of school children admitted to New Orleans hospitals as 80 percent came from fatherless homes. Education: Education of single parent children is a big issue.

A kid from single parent is offered low education compared to two parents family. On a survey, there has been seen that only 12 % children got bachelor degree that are from single parent family. On the other side 30 % children got bachelor degrees that are from two parent family. Task 2: 2. 1: Good afternoon everyone. Me, Edward Campbell welcoming you all to the charity unction arranged by “Stars on Earth “to celebrate 10th year anniversary of this organization. With the help and support of each and every one of you, we have passed road full with thrones. But we have overcome all the obstacles and barriers.

As you all know that “Stars on Earth” is a charity organization whose main goal is to protect the individuals who are at vulnerable position and facing risks. Whatever risk an individual is confronting, “stars on the earth” is always ready to help them out from the situation. Victims can be from any part of the society. They can natural business or can be out of mental control. We have some specific legislation so that we can work to help out the victims and prepare rehabilitation for them. Anyone suffering from problems can contact “Stars on Earth”. Because we have no boundary on religion, region, age or country.

The victim will have the highest priority. The volunteers of our organization are 24 hours there to help the victims Any maltreatment done to the victim from the volunteers is punishable act. They will be penalized in quickest time. Victims can be with different problems. All the victims are welcome here because are here to help you out. It should be known to all that there s no expense for the counseling hours. Psychiatrist attends victims with mental problems twice a week. Information shared by the victims is safe here and it is promised that everything will be confidential.

Every victim has to fill up a form of Stars on Earth. If the individual is unable, his guardians have to do that formality. Everyone is treated here equally whatever the county or region he/she belongs to It’s a nonprofit organization. It is not established to receive any type of payment, bribe and some special facilities. It anyone is found to do that, they will be severely punished. Volunteer will undertake humanitarian services for children and women of disadvantaged and low income families This charity organization will provide all types of advocacy, and search alliances for policy formulations. . 21: A boy named James is a student of a reputed college. His passion lies in sports and graphics designing. Beside his study he used to earn money from internet activities. He loves adventures. His life was in full swing with his mom and dad. As he is the only son of them, they used to love him very much. But unfortunately the relationship between his mom and dad got broken and they got separated. From then James started to feel the absence of having mom and dad together. He started to lose his concentration on his study and extracurricular activities.

Though his passion was to design graphics but he got abortive to control his brain than he used to do. He passes his most of the time alone. He saw an unusual change in his life. He started to consider himself an unlucky person. Being frustrated, he started to mix with the boys below his standard. They didn’t show him the right way to act. On the other hand they influenced James to be addicted and make him realize that being addicted e could get his piece back in his life. But James proved false. He started to lose control over him. His mom was seeing his son is getting ruined day by day.

By this time he was arrested by police because of driving recklessly being drunk. He became arrogant and started to misbehave with his mom. He was actually mentally shocked at the news of his parents’ divorce. He couldn’t tolerate this so easily. His mom Synthesis was a relative of one of our volunteer Fleming. She informed the present situation of James to him. Then Fleming met James and talked with him properly and shared his things accurately. James considered Fleming one of his best friends. He tried James to share his feelings and after a lot of trial ho got succeed.

He was successful to made James understand that divorce is reality and a young lad like James must accept this and he should pursue his goals and passion, not to doom himself. Then James asked help to him to leave drugs. Fleming assured him to rehabilitation center. James soon admitted himself into a rehabilitation program. After 2 months treatment under physician he found himself back and morally boosted up . Now he accept the reality and ask apology to his mom for the savories. Later he started working on his passion again. Lastly he thanked Mr.. Fleming to help him get out of this problem in a quickest way.

So he recovers himself from the risk and our volunteer made a full influence on him and became successful. Stars on Earth’s main motive are to serve every individual at risk and it is one of our success stories in recent years. 3. 2: Fraud and abuse in health and social care has become breaking news now a day. Whole world in fighting against this malpractice to reduce it as much as it can be. Some methods are now using to protect from fraud and abuse. Some practices which are using are discussed with the strength and weakness. Initiate background check: this type of fraud basically start from employee level.

Professionals should be hired only when they are properly checked weather their given info about education, reference, criminal record is right or wrong. It should be mandatory to facilitate security Encrypt data: hackers may assume that an information system in healthcare should not be to tough to breach. So authority should protect their info system by installing SSL (security socket layer). Its strength is it can secure the system from the hackers. And the weakness it cannot be used by everyone. Establish rules and policies: health care centers should create hard and fast rules to secure protected healthcare info (PHI). TTS strength is not everyone can use its data anytime. Weakness is to initiate the rules by expert professionals. Shared information: Customers private data should not be shared. Basic info can be seen and accessed by everyone but it must be ensured the personal info should not be stolen and shared. Raising public awareness: advertisement and campaign can increase the public awareness in a efficient way . It can be done all over the year. It’s a way by which mass people can connect and know about the facts. But its negative side is arranging campaign is too much mainstream and expensive.

Protection of health card: it should be used as it is one’s credit card. 3. 3: Improvement of communication skill is mandatory is health care’s and social cares. Because of obvious reason, it’s about the patient. A conversation between physician and patient must be clearly uttered so that it becomes easy to diagnose the problem and make it easy to give a proper treatment by the doctor. Some tips are share below on how to improve the communication skill in a healthcare. Establishing communication skills of health worker: healthcare volunteers must be expert at verbal and non verbal communication.

Basically they stay beside the patient and they see he actual emotion, wants and concerns. They can’t hope that all the patient will cooperate telling every problem. So they have to smart enough to handle the situation. Patient communication: a well listening skill is compulsory for the health workers. If a health worker is lucky enough that his patient is ready to be verbal so he can take the advantage and hear In a free mind. Health worker should not be one of the most needed skills of healthcare. A useful method can be touch. He should be able to understand only by touching the patient weather he is improving or not.

Facial expressions and body language should portray that the particular health worker really want his patient to be sound and free from sickness. Authority should also run programs like a training session of health workers. It can be in classroom or outside the premises on facial expression and body language and movement. We know communication between health worker and patient should be clearly audible and properly uttered. Sometimes constant communications is needed between attain and health worker. Because health care center is like a religious place to some people. They come here to be free from sickness.

So beside proper treatment, a clear conversation is really needed so that the doctor can realize what his problem is. There are some advantages which is for both the parties. Some benefits are shared below for both. For patient: They feel free when they are treated with workers like their own relative Patient can tell his problems by his own. Because of that doctors can identify the sickness easily They gain confidence that they have come to the right place where he can be free room illness For some patients who are suffering from cancer, they need motivation that they will be able to do all the work and he will surely regain his powers.

Moral boost up is necessary for them. They don’t become the burden for their relatives because he can tell when is feeling weak It can save money. If actual disease is properly uttered to the doctor , they he would not refer to charge additional test. For the health worker: Health workers are patient loving generally. They don’t become fed up if patient don’t want to cooperative. A good communication can save time of everyone like doctors and health workers. Because health workers have to attend many patients. If the communication goes better, a health worker can treat a patient like his own.

Then the service becomes better. Health worker can communicate with the doctors and tell them the observed situation of patient by him. Most of the health workers are friendly and communicative. They want to serve the best out of them. So a good communication can break the barrier between patient and health worker. It is proved that if a proper treatment is done the relationship and affiliation grows better and strong. Always health workers want to be acclaimed by the patients that they serve hem well and encourage them to be strong and bold.

Conclusion: Finally a case study has been portrayed which is of an individual confronting with problems of single parenting. The risk factors are analyzed and properly reviewed and social and cultural impacts are identified which actually influences. “Stars on the earth” deals with the challenged individual. A speech has been delivered on an individual rescued from the risk. Last but not the least proper and good communicative skill is needed to perform on a place like healthcare center. It is important both the doctors and patients because life risks are involved here.

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