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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 29, 2017
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Nowadays, everywhere you look at, every people you met, every places you where, you will notice that everything changed. Even yourself you didn’t know that you was awesomely changed. Take a look back on your childhood memories you remembered. At that moment, your Just a little kiddo that only knows is to play and play. And those places and memories are part of your life. But now, a sudden click changed everything around you. Your personality, your society/ immunity, facilities, the technology, mostly the youths have changed and many more.

Those changes turns a big impact on our past. Before the new generation youths came , the also known “Oldies” have. And those oldies passed, offered or shared voluntarily their Intelligence to the young youths. And I believe that Oldies knows more and they Saturdays, sacrifice, give their full efforts and perseverance on their studies when they’re studying. ‘Coo that moment there wasn’t high-tech gadgets or Google or somewhat technologies that help them in just one click. But the only source of knowledge of them is a Book. Unlike today, Modern Gadgets, APS or Google can help them in just one click.

So easy to do, a Copycatted can done their homework’s. A simple effort can done everything without knowing its thought inside. And the disadvantage of that is, they’re spoiling or making youth inattentively somehow. Now, let us include as an entry in our topic Racial over youths. Nowadays, when you ask a youth about Racial they only know is “Dry. Jose Racial is our National Hero”. And the sad part there Is they only contented with that Information. So that’s why Racial subject Insist. And the essence of studying Racal’s life Is to know more about his fife, works and writings of him.

Well of course, everybody knows that he’s our National hero. So through studying his life, today’s youth generation can realize how great Racial is. Also novels made by him specially Noel Me Teenager and II Filibusterer’s can be a great motivator for Filipino youths t be just like him, -love his country, as well as his country man. Otherwise, it is able to know what Racial did just to make our country free from the colonizer and make him a good role model especially for the youths. And to remember or acknowledge his presence to the Present and future youths.

Yet, its too difficult to pursue youths to study/research about Racial or Our Hero’s. Because they thought that was too boring and uninteresting when it comes too somewhat histories. And they think that instead of wasting their times in uninsured things they much prefer to take some selfless or play online games. ‘Coo lately, In a modern world , A high-tech gadgets was emerge. And on that particular way they get the attention of human collect/belong. And mostly the Social Networking sites affects the Lifestyle of the youths. By that big changes, other people or youths didn’t recognized or unconscious ere future”.

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