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Remember The Titans Paper

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 16, 2017
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Remember The Titans Paper

Beginning With the End In Mind In the movie “Remember the Titans” the characters had seemingly Impossible goals that they had to work very hard to accomplish. Becoming an outstanding football tea m, while overcoming the racism of their town and opponents and even their teammates require De planning and hard work. The players had an end scenario in mind, winning the state championship and having everyone accept each other, that they worked for. The char caters In his movie are a perfect example of the powers of habit two, begin with the end in mi ND.

In the beginning of the movie, Coach Yeast was the head football coach of the high school, and he was in line to get a softhearted award. His school was going to be integrated by the time the next football season started, one which he really wanted to do well In. He was Informed that a black coach would take his head coach Job, severely harm Eng his chances of getting the award. This new coach, Coach Boone, said he would allow him to come his defensive coordinator, but Yeast did not want to work under an African American.

When he saw that all the boys would quit If he was not their coach, he decided to get over his pride and be coach. He did not get the award, but he did win the state title, reaching his goal. Gerry wanted to do well in the upcoming football season, when he felt that it was disrupted by the arrival of the black students at the camp. At first at the camp he was mean to the black players and refused to give them a chance to befriend him. He one day real zed that his unfriendliness was giving them trouble on the field, so as team captain he decide d to solve this.

He befriended one of the black players and set an example for the rest oft he team. He kicked the dissenters off the team and created a healthy and friendly environment on and off the field for all races. Teammates became friends and stood up for each other who ether they were playing the sport or not. This chemistry amongst the teammates ended up allowing them to win the state title. Petty was a very arrogant person In the first four fifths of the movie. He believed that

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