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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 17, 2017
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Its disturbing when an animal have their freedom stolen along with their happiness and at times the will to live, all to make income and amuse India duals. I believe zoos should be shut down because they affect the animal’s health mentally a ND physically as well as steal an animal’s freedom. Animals are placed under a lot of stressed when being held captive. They are denied everything that makes their lives meaningful. Every aspect of their lives are being con trolled and manipulated.

They have virtually no choice in what or when they eat, who the mate w the, or who they share space with. They are housed in tanks or cages that don’t come close to rest ambling their homes In the wild. Removing these animals from established social groups and forcing them to adjust to a completely different environment is disruptive and traumatic. Cap divinity can drive animals insane due to the unnatural environment causing them to develop nee erotic behavior that is rarely seen occurring in the wild such as pacing, swaying, and circle Eng.

Animals who are Imprisoned In zoos are depressed and frustrated due to being confined In a artificial environment, have people gape at them, listen to children who constantly bang on the e glass, and have cameras flashing in their face. In the wild animals have twice the lifespan come eared to h problems. Many of these deaths are thought to be associated with obesity, because the animals are well fed but get very little exercise. Enclosures are not allowing animals to receive the appropriate amount of exercise needed. In the wild animals would typically hunt or s reach for their food but in zoos they are handed their food on a plate.

Constant exercise is cru ill to the health of all animals. Especially for large animals such as elephants that need to be p hectically fit because their massive body weight puts enormous pressure on their Joints and bone s. The effects of inadequate exercise are often deadly. Large birds are also prone to bone disease s nice small cages prevent them from flying properly. Animals should be let free and not be forced to endure confinement in an enclosure. For example when whales or dolphins are thrown into basically a “box”, they immediately have their redeem stolen from them.

They are taken away from their homes and loved ones the n forced to live alone with nowhere to go and not much variety to eat from. They should freed an d returned to their natural habitat with billions of kilometers to roam freely. Enclosures will never r be able to provide the amount of space they had or need. I believe that by keeping these beauty full creatures in a confinement, people are torturing them for the sake of entertaining the public. I understand that they are trying to educate people on these animals but there are other possible ND less harmful ways of doing so such as creating documentaries or movies.

This way people can see how these animals actually behave in the wild. These animals are not suppose to be t rained to perform tricks. They are not circus animals and should not have to perform a trick. Zoos should be shut down. They harm the very animals they have sworn to protect an d care for. Animals in zoos should be released into the wild and endangered animals s would be put on reservations where they will not be hunted. With zoos gone, animals can live a Ion g and more

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