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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 29, 2017
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The Two Essences of Life Gender Is one of the mall parts of one’s Identity. Most of the actions one does and the decisions one makes go in accordance with one’s gender. It is something one can never get rid of since it is who you really are. And just like gender is such a huge part of ourselves, so is culture. Culture is part of one’s essence; it is something one carries everywhere without really noticing it.

For instance, a hermaphrodite, who has to carry both sexes, can be related to someone who has to live within two deferent cultures. Cal Is an example of this. He Is both a male and a female and grows up within two different cultures: the American and the Greek. Being a hermaphrodite must not be something easy. It comes along with identity crisis, social critiques, self-esteem problems and belonging struggles. A hermaphrodite must have a well-formed, strong personality to be able to cope with all these issues and make their lives worth living.

Cal is an example of someone who has both genders but decides to make the most of his condition and have a regular life (even though It’s never actually going to be completely regular). But he Is also part of an Immigrant family, and has to grow up with Influences of both the Greek and the American cultures. Since culture is such an important part of one’s identity, having two completely different ones also creates identity conflicts and belonging struggles.

The combination of both sexes and two ultras sums up to a very complex person who first has to understand the reason behind its condition to accept it. But these two characteristics also defer in the way they appear In Calls life. When he starts narrating his story, Cal states: “I was born twice: first, as a baby girl on a remarkably smuggles Detroit day In January of 1960; and then again, as a teenage boy, in an emergency room near Photoset, Michigan, in August of 1974” (Eugenics 3).

Cal is explaining how he lived the first fourteen years f his life as a girl, but then discovered he was actually not only a girl, but also a boy. He made the decision of living with the condition, but he could have decided to have a surgery and remove one of his genitals and take some hormones to keep Just one gender. HIS condition Is something treatable that can be changed. In difference to this, Cal and his family, since the moment of his birth, knows he had a mixture of Greek and American cultures. Culture is something that, even though it can be mixed with others, cannot be changed or treated.

Yes, it can be influenced by other cultures, but one’s culture is always there and can’t be operated. Being a hermaphrodite must not be easy at all. Being an immigrant must not be easy, as well. But being both, a hermaphrodite and an Immigrant, must be extremely difficult and tough to cope. Worth admiring. Two of the most important parts of one’s self are our gender and our culture. They are both characteristics every single person has that set the parameters of one’s actions and decisions; they are the two essence of life.

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