Letter To My Friend Essay

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Letter To My Friend

Hi Leo! Long time to see you, I miss you so much. I wondered how long I have not seen you for ages. Maybe 3 years! I found we were not young any more. I spent a lot of time to earn money without keeping in touch with friends. How are you? Now, I have a great husband and two handsome sons -If you saw, great! . Besides, I became a good doctor as I wish. I feel so happy with my life now, but sometimes I am still lonely because I Just take care my family and earn money. I never ever hang out with friends In the weekends. I cannot do that Like I used to.

Do you remember the assistant we usually went during the time at college . 1 don’t know what Is It Like now? . I really want to go there with you In order to talk and share Information without pressure from working. After that, we will vault to our teachers. I don’t know they can remember who we are, but I think It Is a good Ideal, which show deep gratitude. As we know, we Just live one moment In life, so let’s live meaning and we should enjoy our lives. I have said everything In this letter. I hope you will read and email me back right now. I actually want to meet you. Lots of love, Candace