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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: December 28, 2017
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These individuals have massive amounts of self-pride for their home country, that each one of them are willing to go beyond limits to defend his or hers nation. Unfortunately, these limits are almost always fighting and extreme violence. There Is no true reason these hooligans choose to use fighting as an answer to all their problems. But one thing Is clearly visible, the violence they cause doesn’t answer any questions, It only brings up more. “Being Involved In football violence Is the most Incredibly exciting and enjoyable thing.

To anyone who has not been apart of it, that will probably be an astonishing statement but nevertheless, is it the truth. ” This is quoted straight from a hooligan’s mouth. This quote answers plenty of questions the world has been pondering. These people enjoy fighting and creating violence. It’s what they love to do. It is almost impossible to stop somebody from doing what they want to do, especially when there’s crowds and crowds of them causing extreme violence. At one point in the video, the police force had to let the brawl play out cause It was nearly impossible to top.

So guiding the tremendous fight was a better alternative than stopping It. If you take a moment to actually think about that, Its kind of scary. Hooligans are always taking actions to the next level especially when they are very UN-needed. After realizing all of the legal penalties that they have encountered with “non-hooligans” , they have decided to take action to try and avoid conflict with the law. By doing so, these hooligans formed a “fight club” where they can only fight against one another. One vs.. One in a ring to solve the problem.

But in all reality, no robbers are being solved and only many more are being created. For example, with the “fight club” being created it attracts sadists. A sadist is someone who is attracted by ultra-violence. These individuals prefer to seriously injure their opponents when they can. But with that being said, they would rather fight people who wont prosecute them for assault then be able to fight at all. If the sadist community grows fairly high within the fight club, it will self destruct. Self destructing a fight club will only bring these Individuals onto the streets, which Is obviously not a good thing.

In conclusion there are three main theories or points you can receive from watching the video and learning about hooliganism. One, fight club formations allows these hooligans to achieve their goals of fighting without getting in trouble with the these clubs, it drives the hooligans out into the streets which is not a good combination. Finally, establishing rules regulating the fight club is very important. It will keep the club together and prevent hooligans from entering the streets and hurting innocent bystanders with their extreme violence.

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