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Greek Life Leads to Success: Go Greek

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 8, 2017
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Greek Life Leads to Success: Go Greek

Greek organization, as well s 80% of all US Presidents since 1900. (http://www. Non. Due. Org/AFC/advantages. HTML) Audience Motivation: Greek organizations consist of advantages such as friendship, leadership, social activities and much more that will ensure one’s success In college. The combinations of friendship and brotherhood/sisterhood mixed with solid goals of academic excellence help you to become a well-rounded, intelligent member of the university community and of the work force after you graduate.

Getting Involved In Greek life Is an opportunity that will enable a college student to ease Into the allegiant environment, enabling them to develop socially, as well as intellectually. (http://www. Non. Due. Org/AFC/advantages. HTML) Thesis Statement: My attention material Is relevant In that It strongly suggests Greek life leads to success. With benefits such as leadership and scholarship programs, many Greek members graduate college and become successful.

Preview: Greek life Is filled with opportunities for anyone Interested In success throughout college and the years after. Not only do you build friendships that will last a lifetime, but you build leadership and networking skills that will better your true. The group of people you meet through Greek life may be the same people that help you with your future career. They may be able to write recommendation letters, or they even may know someone that knows someone. The best part of all this is that everything is done with fun.

You grow as a person through your experiences, and with Greek life, there is never a dull moment. Body l. Friendship and Brotherhood/Sisterhood A. Being a part of the Greek community, you will be able to meet people of various backgrounds with similar and different interests. B. Having such a support system ill enable you to branch out from Greek life and get Involved in other campus organizations. (http://www. Non. Due. Org/AFC/advantages. HTML) II. Academics and 1 OFF A.

The academic portion of your college career is the most significant in determining your future success. Greeks strive to promote academic excellence and develop high scholastic achievement. (http://www. Elm. Due/stultified/parents. HTML) B. No matter what your role is within you organization, you are a leader in some form. By allocating responsibilities to each member, they gain the leadership skills necessary for a successful future. Http://www. Non. Due. Org/AFC/advantages. HTML) Ill. Athletics and Social Activities A.

Greek organizations are involved in many intramural sports that allows for students to show off their athletic side along with their sportsmanship, team spirit, and competition. B. Offering a break from school work is a perk of Greek life. Throughout the year, an organization may participate in social activities such as Homecoming, Swaps, Follies/Aliasing, Formals, and many more! Conclusion Summary Statement: There are many advantages of Greek life that will improve one’s college years, as well as post college years. By Joining a Greek organization, you will build friendships that will last a lifetime.

You will end up meeting the girls that will become your bridesmaid and the men that will become your best man, or more importantly, you may be meeting your future work boss. You will have scholarship programs that will ensure your success in education, as well as enjoy time off from studying Concluding Remarks: Many clubs and organizations offer things such as friendship, academic support, leadership skills, etc. However, Greek life will provide you with these opportunities and so much more in one single organization.

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