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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 11, 2017
Words: 523
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Good Good Study

Slowdown’s budget director estimates that the three alternatives are equivalent in the sense that each would generate approximately $10 million of additional tax revenue per year. However, these alternatives differ In terms of who would bear the additional tax burden. Slowdown is comprised of three demographic groups, each representing approximately one-third of the total population: retirees, workers, and students.

As hon. in the following table, each group’s share of the wage base, consumption base, and property base differs, as one would expect given typical life-cycle patterns of income production, consumption, and savings. I Equal-size I I Demographic Groups I Demographic Group’s Share of Each Tax Base I Wage Base I Retail Sales Real Property I Retirees I Reworked I Students 120% 190% On average, retirees receive only 5% of the total wages earned by the citizens of Slowdown. Instead, most of the income received by retirees is derived from investments and pension plans.

Because retirees have already accumulated plenty of clothing, furniture and appliances, they account for only 20% of total retail sales by Slowdown merchants (mostly groceries, pharmacies and restaurants). In contrast, because they have lived In the community so long and real estate values have appreciated over time, retirees own some of the most valuable houses and farms In Slowdown, accounting for 60% of the total property tax base. In fact, some of the wealthier retirees own apartment bulldogs occupied by students. This group accounts for 90% of Slowdown’s wage base.

Because many younger workers are now building their households and many have children to support, this group also accounts for a disproportionately large percentage of total retail sales. The third demographic group, students, accounts for only 5% of Slowdown’s wage base. Most of these wages are earned from low-paying Jobs in retail businesses around town. Despite the relatively low wages earned by students, they account for 30% of Slowdown’s retail sales, largely due to their insatiable appetites for food, drink, and expensive textbooks.

Most of this consumption is financed by student loans and, of course, parental contributions to the noble pursuit of education. Instructions and Requirements: Assume that you are a citizen of Slowdown, USA, and that the demographic group of which you are a typical member depends on the first letter of your last name, as indicated below: I If your last name begins with… Through F I Worker I Retiree I IN through Z I You are a typical… I GIG through M I Student After receiving input from concerned citizens at the next town council meeting, the nuncio will select one of the three alternative tax proposals described above.

You plan to attend this meeting to state your position on which alternative should be adopted. Prepare a one-page written analysis supporting the alternative you believe should be adopted. This analysis should indicate why your chosen alternative is “best” and why the other two alternatives are not. Due Date: Papers are due at the beginning of class on Thursday, September 8th. [I] This problem is adapted from “Monotony, USA” prepared by Bryan Cloyed.

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