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First Draff Of The third Essay

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 29, 2017
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First Draff Of The third Essay

Available to have your own choices There is to such a monopoly in the world. If there Is one, It could only be government company like hydro company. Evidently, that Is a result of so many corporations provide same products. For example, Toyota, Honda manufacture cars or Aids, Nikkei produce sport equipments. That makes people have a lot of available choices. Some people argue that having a lot of choices Limit people’s freedom. However, people are free to make their own decisions.

So, I believe that having a lot of choices available are beneficial. In fact, having a lot of available choices are beneficial because among a lot of goods and service, people will have more chance to find something which satisfy their demands. Some people have high income, they want a good quality product with high price. For people who have low income, they just want a normal quality product with lower price. Moreover, sometimes, it depends on the philosophy and demand of people. For example, between two different car branches like Toyota and

Ferreira, there are always some unequal data of two cars such as price, energy, motor That makes people have more choices to satisfy their demand. If people want a normal car with low price, they could go for Toyota or if they want fancy car, they could go for Ferreira. Generally, if there are a lot of available choices, people can make a best choice to satisfy themselves. Therefore, having a lot of available choices means that there are so many companies are making goods and services.

Without a doubt, there are more than one company producing a same product, it will be a intention between these companies. People could have benefits from the competitions between these companies. According to the study of economy, competition between many companies could lead to a lower price and better qualities of goods and services because those companies try their best to attract consumers. Moreover, competition between companies could reduce monopoly. Think about it, if there were only one company which can produce cars, so the company could raise the price to whatever they want.

Consequently, people must buy AR with a higher price. In brief, having a lot of available choices benefits people more than they could think. In addition, having a lot of available choices will help people managing their lives easier and It’s a proof off good living standard. For example, In real life, not all of people could afford to buy a car. However, driving car Is not the only option they have. They can go by bus, mum, Bart or underground. Back to the time when mull, Bart and underground were not Invented, so driving car was the only option people have.

So, their living conditions were too difficult, they had to walk a long way to company. Now, people have more available choices, that means they have a better life qualities. Obviously, no one wants to have a worse life conditions, so people should be happy about having a lot of available choices. Have their own freedom to make their decisions. Moreover, having a lot of available choices give people more power to manage their own lives. Undeniably, people always want to have more than one option in their lives. Generally, the more options people have, the more beneficial people get.

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