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Family and Domestic Violence

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 27, 2017
Words: 1165
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Family and Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a major problem In the United States as well as all over the world. This paper Is about four major problems of domestic violence and other cultures In today’s society. Although many people experience domestic violence not everyone reports It for one reason or another. One reason may be being scared of the person who is causing the violence.

Sexual Tactics are one physical tactics, with these two problems they can relate to one another by the use of force and how t is handled. Two other major problems in domestic violence are entitlement behaviors and threats or intimidation’s. (Bragg, H Lien 2003) The first major problem in domestic violence is Sexual Tactics. Which can range from rape, treating a person like a sexual object, sexual assault of children, or forcing a person to have an abortion or sabotaging birth control methods.

This happens on a daily basis throughout the world. Women are more vulnerable to be put in these positions by men then men are by women because of the power men can have over women. In Zanzibar women were out protesting that the police were harassing them while they were walking the streets, Whether they were doing their daily walk or working the streets to find sex it didn’t matter. As much as people hate the police and think they are being harassed the police are there to try and help people and keep them safe.

Many sex workers may have diseases that they don’t say they have and pass that disease on. As we have the same problems in the United States we don’t hear about it because here we know it is wrong to be a sex worker and is against the law. E anything from pushing, shoving, pinching, biting, kicking, or physically abusing or threatening to abuse children. As many of us know we hear about women going missing and the boyfriend or husband has no idea what happened. Later we find out that he was behind it all the whole time, we also hear about women doing this to men also.

Being physically abused is something no one should have to put up with no matter what the situation, and some people re afraid to report it or leave because they either love the person, are scared, or have no where to go. Western Australia fines physical abuse as hitting, punching, burning, or attempted suffocation. Although we are worlds apart the same applies in both countries for physical abuse and what it is. Not knowing what type of culture or people live in other countries makes you wonder how they react to certain things and physical violence seems to be portrayed the same in both countries.

Entitlement behaviors are something that people may not even realize is happening until they are pointed out to them. Gender roles in the home is something that is an entitlement behavior, as well s treating the victim like a servant and making all the decisions for the victim or child. Basically entitlement behaviors are controlling the victim or child in such a way that they have no ability to do anything or think on their own without being told to do something.

In the Amiss where I live in Wisconsin I see a lot of Entitlement behaviors like gender roles where the man does the work outside in the fields and with wood work where the women does the cooking, cleaning, sewing, and child raising. Many times I see where the Amiss children are outside playing baseball and allowable. The boys are playing baseball and the girls are playing volleyball. In our society we see girls playing all sports and boys playing all sports where there isn’t any difference between who plays what.

Also in the early days women were treated the way Amiss women are now and we have come along way since then where women do more than cook and clean. I don’t know any Amiss personally but I know what you see on television is not always correct and knowing what I see in person when they live Just down the road from me I don’t understand it but thatch not my epistyle. Threats or intimidation are another major problem in domestic violence. Threats intimidation’s can be anything from smashing or breaking something, stalking, harming pets or animals, threatening acts or homicide, suicide or injury.

We see a lot of threats in Americas society when people discipline their children. Although they might not be followed through on they are still threats. Whether it be spanking, taking something away or kicking them out. In China domestic violence is a major problem, where because of that they have set up a program Support Project. 75 percent of mothers who have experienced domestic violence themselves their children have witnessed the domestic violence. Also 25 percent of the cases the male perpetrator was violent toward the children also.

It seems that China and the United States have the same types of problems that I didn’t really think was happening in such a great amount in China. In conclusion the main purpose of this paper is to find out what types of other cultures are affected by domestic violence like we are here in the United States. Although most of the time we ear about the male being the main person who commits domestic violence it is also something that women are capable of and have done not only to their partners but also to their children.

As sad as it is it happens all over the world where adults and children are abused for one reason or another. Either way abusing someone is wrong and always will be for the fact that it is harmful not only to the person who is enduring the punishment but the people who are viewing it as well. We will never be able to stop domestic violence but being able to help people and be there for them as an outlet and educating them and giving them hope and a place to get help is something that we need to work on everyday.

I have known many people who have been victims both male and female and also children and it doesn’t and can haunt them because what they saw they didn’t know was right or wrong so they continue to do the same. Also I know people who have been in relationships where they were not allowed to talk to friends and family and they didn’t know how to get out of the situation by themselves. Having good friends and purport can stop domestic violence before it leads to something else like death or permanent damage to the person.

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