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Drunk Driving

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 8, 2017
Type of paper: LawSociety
Words: 334
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Drunk Driving

This essay asks you to focus on a single experience or set of experiences in your life. The focus of the essay should revolve around a personal experience that altered how you thought or felt about a major issue, idea, belief, etc. Reflection on the experience(s) and what it/they mean(s) to you should play as strong a role as memory. By focusing on one event or one group of related events you can begin to acclimate yourself to examining your life through writing.

You should write about some time in your life when you had a “shift” (change in ignition or way of thinking) about a certain issue that is very important to you. For example, you might write about how your attitude regarding a specific issue or subject (homophobia, racism, prejudice, immigration policies, the importance of education, your relationship with a particular individual or organization, your priorities in life, etc. ) changed as the result of a personal experience.

For example, one student wrote about how her attitude towards gays and lesbians changed after she realized that one of her best friends was gay. Another wrote about how his idea that racism was a thing of the past changed when he witnessed first- and the way his friend was discriminated against because of the color of his skin. Another wrote about how her relationship with her younger brother changed as the result of a series of experiences.

Still another wrote about how his disdain for school and studying changed when he failed tenth grade and realized what his future was likely to hold If he didn’t earn a good education. The possibilities for this topic are as wide as your experiences. Just make certain that you choose to write about something that Is Important to you and that has played a major role In shaping who you are and how you think. Length: 7-8 pages

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