Conscience is shown Essay

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Conscience is shown

Daniel Boone episode. The way the White (sub) Conscience is shown in Daniel Bone’s episode The Enchanted Gun, is when Jake sees an Indian (Red Sky) on the edge of a cliff and immediately believes that there are more Indian’s hiding somewhere just waiting to ambush him for his supplies. Since he is a white man his mind Just assumes that Indians are criminals. Jake is so conscious of seeing an Indian he decides to go at full speed on his horse carnage cause he didn’t want to risk getting his supplies stolen.

Also another scene would be where Jake sees Red Sky again, but this time not alone, but with more people alongside him this time, and thinks that he is waiting for him to leave on his carriage to ambush him for all his supplies and insists that Red Sky and the rest of his group be detained until he has traveled far away and feels safe from harm’s way of the Indians. Jake distrusts the Indians so much that he decides to scalp Red Sky group of men that he had brought with him and because of Sake’s White (sub) Conscience mentality he automatically believes that they were waiting for him in order to rob his supplies.

Jake is so paranoid that any Indian sets him off immediately. Sake’s White (sub) Conscience encounters as mental shield which also, he doesn’t realize that his words and actions are very offending and out right racist. The White (sub) Conscience down plays the tragic crimes against humanity in history and the victims were somehow deserving of those deeds. The problem with the White (Sub) second people of color feeling inferior therefore the silent submission to racism.