Case Indcident The Reality Shock Essay

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Case Indcident The Reality Shock

The Reality Shock Soon after starting his new Job, Jason began to wonder about the challenging work he was supposed to be doing, the great co-workers he had been told about, and the ability to attend training and development programs. None of these things seemed to be happening as promised and as he had expected. To make matters worse, he had spent most of the first month working on his own and reading about the organization’s mission, history, policies, and so on.

Jason began to wonder whether he had chosen the right Job and organization. He was feeling very dissatisfied and seriously thinking about quitting. Questions: 1 . Explain how Season’s anticipatory colonization might be contributing to his disappointment and Job attitudes. How might this situation have been prevented? 2. Explain how unrealistic expectations and the psychological contract can help us understand Season’s situation. . Comment on the use of colonization tactics In Season’s colonization. What tactics do you think were used and what effect did they have on Jason? 4. Given Season’s current situation, is there anything the organization can do to prevent him from quitting? What should Jason do? Is there anything the organization should do so other new hires don’t have the same experience as Jason?