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Born Into Brothels

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 9, 2017
Words: 1637
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Born Into Brothels

The hillier seem free, especially at the beach. There running, smiling, comforting one another. ShoWs they are just ordinary children. Sour’s outlook on the zoo represents the children’s lives. He quotes “The animals in the zoo are shut in their cages, they are fed only once a day and that too Just a little” Like I said before they are trapped from the “outside world. ” 5) If these children were taken out of the brothel environment permanently, do you think that they could fully recover from the injustices and trauma that they have previously faced? Why? Why not?

They won’t fully recover, a child that is confronted to ex, drugs and alcohol to an early age would suffer dramatically. Because a child’s brain hasn’t matured yet, they are still absorbing Information and if they are Interacted with these matured things It could do some effect on how they communicate and think. In time, they would be able to cope with the trauma. 6) If life in the brothels is all the children have ever known, then how do they know that it is not how they want to live? If it has become the norm, then how do they know that it is not normal for a child to grow up in that environment?

Are we born with an internal human rights’ radar? Is awareness of human rights a part of human nature? Sour quotes “l want to take Pups away from this environment. ” By this quote he knows that there is better society out there. Therefore I think all the children know there something better out there. But they learn live with the situation they are In. Family Is a big priority In their lives. Family comes before them. 7) Why did Zane become so Involved with these children? What lessons did Zane learn throughout her journey? There were times when Zane seemed to get very the children were in need, they weren’t going to have a bright future.

She didn’t want the kids to go through the same process as their parents did. She wanted the children to have an education; she wanted the children to have a better life. When she taught photography she saw the kids having fun. No child deserves to have no chance in life. 8) Think about the scene in which Zane is talking to a school principal about the possibility of enrolling the children into school. The principal says “No one will take them. ” – What does it mean to have the right to education? – What challenges do these children face in claiming their right to education? –

Should the possibility of being HIVE positive affect your right to an education? – Should being the child of a sex-worker take away that right? None of these factors should influence a child’s right to having an education. They should have a fair go. An education would get them out of the situation they are in. Therefore if no one would take a child because she/he was born in the red light district, then they would become like their parents and their grandchildren would be like them and a chain occurs. An education gives a better opportunity for them but also gives an opportunity for generations to come.

That’s why it’s so important. If everyone had an education maybe there won’t be a red light district. 9) Zane is not Just documenting these children but she is enabling them to document what they see around them. What opportunity does this provide them? To show the world, this is our life. A person knows there is poverty around the world. But to actually see what’s going on changes, their perspective immediately. There needs to be a visual image, and this documentary demonstrates that these children need help. 10) Reflect on the scene at the zoo where Sour was so affected by the fate of the animals.

What do his words tell you about the children featured in this film? Sour quote reflects the life of the children. That they caged in the red light district and there is no way out. There is no education for them or future. He also says that they are only fed once a day. This shows how hard these children have it. 1 meal day is not enough for the body demands. 1 1) Documentary film often only includes the perception and ideas of the filmmakers. What are the pros and cons associated with this? In your opinion, was there anything what was left out of the film?

I guess the pros associated with the documentary is we see some of the children get into an education. However, not all of them get that luxury for other reasons. This documentary shows “reality’ That is, it’s a harsh world. In my opinion nothing was left out. It showed everything that was need in the film. 12) Throughout the film, did you feel that Sauna’s enthusiasm changed at any point? Do you think that the transformation cycle ever ends with a person, or are we continuously learning new things as well as gaining new perspectives on old things? hillier a hobby. But we she grew to them and saw their photos were really good; she wanted to help them even more. A person does continue to learn new things from other people. That’s how we become more experienced in the world, we gain more different perspectives to an image/idea. 13) At some point in the film, Zane said “without help, they are doomed. ” Do you believe that it is possible to regress in your transformation process? This statement showed that Zane sometimes lost confidence in the impact she was having on the lives of these children.

Zane had a huge impact to children; she was the only one that believed in them. She didn’t Just teach them photography but she taught them that “they can be what ever they want if they Just believe” and I felt she was a role model to children. She never loss confidence, but in time she probably knew that eventually that when the children become adults the only way to survive is resort to prostitution or stealing. An education was to give them something to believe in. 14) Compare and contrast the children’s eagerness to become “transformed/ educated” to their mothers’ acquiescence to their own lives.

The children have an idea what their lives would be when they are adults. Structural aunt wants to put her on the line. All the children’s mums are prostitutes. This doesn’t give much hope for the girls. The guys don’t have it as bad as girls but they may be addicted drugs or steal belongings. The children don’t want have the same destiny as their parents therefore they are eager to become transformed and educated. 1 5) How would you describe the mothers’ acceptance of their own fate? Was it circumstantial? I don’t think they had a choice. They are going through a recursive chain.

There is no end to this chain. There not happy what they do, but to survive it’s he only choice. They have to accept their own fate until someone changes the cycle, like the government. 16) From what you learned and heard from the mothers in the film, did you get the feeling that any of them wanted more for their children? Of course they want more from their children; they want them to have an education, they want their lives not to be painful and depressing. However, some families are in real struggle therefore they needed every family member to contribute and that’s the harsh reality. 7) Did the mothers recognize that both they and the children deserved an opportunity for change? How could this recognition bring about societal change? There shouldn’t be a red light district. The society never should of come down to this. There should have been a resolution before this got out of hand. Every person should have an opportunity for change because when is it going to stop. It’s not. When the people have an opportunity the society would change. 18) Reflect on what Visit first says about painting: “l like to draw pictures because I want to express what’s on my mind… ‘ want to put my thoughts into colors. What people that have an education wouldn’t be able to reflect on a certain object or feeling like he has. He needs a chance to show his full potential because he is pretty smart. 19) What effect did Vista’s trip to Amsterdam have on his transformation process? Why do you think that it was important for him to make this trip? What were the outcomes? Before the trip Visit was in dark place his mum recently passed away and he was skipping school. Amsterdam allowed him to redeem himself; he needed this trip to get him away from his problems back at hope and to raise his self-esteem.

The rip also gave him a taste of accomplishment to strive him to do his best. 20) What role did both Zane and Lump play in the lives of the children they taught/ coached? How would their lives be different if they had never become involved? Zane and Lump were role models to the kids. They directed them in a positive path and taught them useful things in life and photography. If they never became involved I don’t think they would much aware of what’s happen in places like the red light district. 21) Both Zane and Lump say they learned a lot from the children they worked with. Explain what each meant by this.

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