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A Career in Firefighting

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 14, 2017
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A Career in Firefighting

In today?was world, there are many opportunities for adults to work. Some of these jobs are in the private sector, and some are in the public sector. Among the public jobs, policemen and firemen are the more recognized career paths. Either Is noble and helpful to society, but firefighting offers more variety and opportunities for one to advance. A career In firefighting can be a good career path to use one?was gifts and talents, help other people. And make an honest living. When people hear that someone works for the fire department, most of them assume that person would be a jugular firefighter.

That can often be incorrect simply because there are many more jobs in the fire department than just fighting fires and getting scared cats out of tall trees. Some of those other jobs could be: fire Marshall, fire chief, certified fire instructor (who trains other beginner firefighters), forest fire inspector, fire prevention specialist, fire investigator, and smoke Jumper, Just to name a few. There are many jobs within the area of firefighting, and one can move up the ladder if they so wish.

Some people may think that this Job Is all fun and games, but If you are an actual airfreight who deals with emergence all day, and often during the night, the work can De very dangerous at times. Just about every time you get a call It Is usually something Intense. Being a fireman takes a lot of physical and mental strength and being able to handle strong heat. In the book America?was 101 Fastest Growing Jobs, Michael Afar reports that the personal qualities that firefighters need most are ?cap mental alertness, self-discipline, courage, mechanical aptitude, endurance, strength, and a sense of public service. ?o He also writes ?quantitative and good Judgment also are extremely important because firefighters make quick decisions in emergencies. ?ј Other qualities that a firefighter needs to do well in the Job are dependability and the ability to get along well with others, since they live and work so closely together in often stressful and dangerous conditions (Afar 144). Although firefighting Is a dangerous and stressful occupation, It can also be one of the most rewarding Jobs around. According to U. S.

News & World Report, It is the 14th most keel occupation to result In a fatality. However, It seems to be rewarding to the fire fighters themselves, and must be worth the risk. In a survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center, and reported by the same article in U. S. News & World Report, firefighters are ranked number 1 in job satisfaction (Neck). Anyone who really wants to be a fireman would have to love what he or she does to be able to stand the conditions of the work, but evidently find much satisfaction in what they do.

If someone was interested In pursuing a career as a firefighter, but were concerned bout the demand In the future, they could be assured that the demand Is not only steady, but seems to be Increasing. According to Flanker. Com, a website whose purpose Is to help those Interested In pursuing a career In firefighting, the demand for firefighters Is expected to Increase through the year 2014, faster than most other occupations. In fact, employment is projected to increase by over 12 % (?coupon certainly seems to be growing if you look at the numbers.

About 9 out of 10 fire fighting workers were employed by local government (?occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-2009 Edition: Fire Fighting Occupations?0). Most people think of a firefighter as a person who fights fires and helps out at cars wrecks and other emergencies. That is true, but they also are certified Mets. Part of being a firefighter is knowing how to treat medical emergencies and be an expert on first aid. This is useful because a lot of the time in emergencies the paramedics are not able to get to the place where they are needed because of other medical calls.

Many times at wrecks and house fires there are injuries that need to be seen to. Thankfully, that is why firefighters are trained in that area. It takes about 208 hours to complete the Paramedic course with the passing of the final exam and is not easy! These courses can be taken at some local fire and MET stations, community colleges and a few four-year schools. Even though this sounds expensive, some fire departments will pay for your tuition. Every time the dispatch alarm goes off for the fire department or the paramedics it usually means that there is a important but exciting need for public service assistance.

What also makes one?was adrenalin rush is the sight and the sound of overall very loud trucks with sirens on and lots of bright flashing lights. Always on the way to a emergency where help is needed it is still a danger of there being a wreck because of lots of distraction from big loud fast driving bright light flashing fire trucks, and if this were to happen, it would be quite a mess for the other fire and MS members! Whenever the emergency help gets to a wreck house fire or any other emergency it can be very exciting but is ALWAYS dangerous to everyone who is assisting.

When at a fire call, it is a huge importance for everyone to keep in mind fatty for themselves, their co-workers and the people that they?were trying to save. Firefighting is a dangerous and stressful occupation. According to U. S. News & World Report, it is the 14th most likely occupation to result in a fatality. However, it seems to be rewarding to the fire fighters themselves, and must be worth the risk. In a survey conducted by the National Opinion Research Center, and reported by the same article in U.

S. News & World Report, firefighters are ranked number 1 in Job satisfaction (Neck). Even though firefighting is a dangerous and stressful occupation, firefighting is always satisfactory because it is a good career in which one can make an honest living. Firefighters are among the most well thought of workers in the US today. This is supported by a poll conducted by a telephone among a cross section 1,020 adults Poll, ?correspondents were asked about only 10-11 occupations each, on a rotating basis.

The question was: ?-l am going to read off a number of different occupations. For each, would you tell me if you feel it is an occupation of very great prestige, considerable prestige, some prestige or hardly any prestige at all? ?w?o The results wowed that 63% of the people polled felt that fire fighting was a very prestigious occupation (?copyrighters, Doctors and Nurses Top List as ?-Most Prestigious Occupations?w According to Latest Harris Poll?0).

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