Supporting Bilingualism in Education – Essay Essay

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Supporting Bilingualism in Education – Essay

All results concluded, students who obtain indigenous language erection longer, have superior performance with academic scoring (State university, 2010). Opposing bilingualism In Education All the money and time spent researching the pros and cons of bilingual education have come up with heart-wrenching results. Billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands hours of research; wasted on programs with good intentions, ending in negative outcomes and results.

Bilingual education leads to segregation, higher drop out rates, lower academic performances and decreased self-esteem. Statistics show students not proficient in English have more difficulties integrating not society (Propelling, 2010). Supporting bilingualism In Politics Most Americans are not bilingual and believe speaking English In this country Is mandatory respect for everyone who lives here. The standard viewpoint was put to the wayside when choosing a president to represent the united States of America In November 2008.

Although most Americans cannot relate to President Obama on a bilingual level, most American’s realize the benefits of a representative for a country who bilingual (SUB Global, 2010). Opposing bilingualism in Politics Bilingualism in American politics confuses people and creates segregation during important discussions. Everyone understanding one another is crucial to positive communication free of misinterpretations. All nations should have a primary required language; all other languages In schools need designated elective labels (Pan, 2010).