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Science denser

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 4, 2017
Type of paper: BiologyHealthScience
Words: 356
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Science denser

The cold water is denser than the hot water so It wants to stay on the bottom. Trade#2 Guess- I think that they’ll stay the same Observe- The blue seeped down under the red and the mixing caused purple. Explanation- This Is because of the colder water being denser than the hot, and sinking to the bottom due to it.

Trail#3 Guess- I think that the green will go to the bottom observe- The green Immediately dropped down and mixed with the yellow. Explanation- Salt water is denser than fresh so it’ll sink to the bottom. Trail#4 Guess- I think they will divide Into two Observe- Both colors stay completely separate. Explanation- Because the less dense fresh water is already on top the water don’t Trail#5 Guess- I think the red will go to the top Observe- The blue remained on the bottom Explanation- Cold water will always be under the hot water.

Trail#6 Guess- I think the green will go to the bottom. Observe- The yellow floated up and made a layer on top of the green. Explanation- Salt water will always be under the fresh because it is heavier. Analysis Questions: Based on your observations in the lab, what do you think happens to the majority of water (not ice) at the poles? – The water freezes because water is the only molecule that doesn’t sink, so the water becomes ice. Based on your observations in the lab, hat do you think happens to the majority of water at the equator? Thinking about what you learned in the lab and doing some additional research, if you mixed fresh and salt water together in the marine environment, how would the water “layer”? Where would the freshwater be and why? – When fresh and saltwater mix in the marine environment, this is called an estuary, or brackish water environment. Why would bottom dwelling organisms in an estuary need to be able to withstand brackish water? – Based on your lab and readings, what two characteristics of water combine to form a tourmaline current? –

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