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Group Project Literature

Research of articles and reports related to the topic of study Draw some key points with reference to the articles and reports collected Write a list of references In-class Exercise Task 1: Work with your project group to research at least 3 articles / reports / book chapters related to the topic of study and selected destination. Task 2:

With reference to the researched materials, draw some key findings on the following areas. Major tourism trends and existing sustainable tourism measures/octagons taken by the government In 2013 68. 35% of tourist: Sightseeing 1 1. 35%: Business Main Stream: Chinese Follow up: Japan Actions: -Complaint people who damage the Impacts of inbound and domestic tourism from the perspectives of economic, social and environmental aspects Economic impact of domestic travel: In 2013, 51. 6% Spend on leisure travel, Increase 2. 1% For Inbound tourism, china tourist contribute to

Twain’s GAP more Environment: Sightseeing activities damage Taiwan environment, brings a lot of noise, rubbish and air pollution problem Social: -When people in the heart of sightseeing Is whatever they want, without restraint , on flora and fauna, endemic residents do not respect the customs and the environment , so that the tourism industry for their additional social natural environment and tourism sites to generate large and small adverse shock and pressure -Chinese tourist had urinated Recommendations on sustainable tourism planning approaches and strategies for he selected destination -Note that the distribution of forest flora and fauna, health and maintenance of the amenities of the tourism landscape.