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Goal Of Space Exploration

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: October 28, 2017
Type of paper: ScienceSociety
Words: 322
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Goal Of Space Exploration

Some goals of human space exploration would include that of science and discovery. The findings of scientific gain from missions to and from space will be extraordinary. Citreous. Com mentioned that “Robotic precursor missions to Mars have revealed a planet that is far more complex than anticipated. ” This way, human explorers will be almost certainly required to determine fundamental and profound questions such as whether or not life has ever existed in space.

Inspiration and National Morale is also one of the goals I found of human space exploration. ‘While inspiration and national morale are not always considered in the budget process, economies and national growth are linked to national morale. One only needs to observe the stock market to realize that perception is as vital to our economic future as any other variable. I think that we can either make excuses as to why other nations are surpassing us, in hat we are rationalizing our way into a “second rate country ,” or that we can show the nation and the world that we still possess the drive, ingenuity, and audacity that built this nation and is required to explore new worlds. As much as I enjoy learning about space and look forward what new discoveries have been made, I feel that human space exploration is not worth it because of Its costly expenses.

I think that the human mind is still very naive when it comes to surviving on this planet. Our young minds have still not figured out a way to stabilize our existence because we are very focused on surviving indivisible and surviving as independent nations. I also think the government ought to invest their money on creating a safer, healthier environment on this planet. It Is Important to focus on other problems like war, corruption and environmental Issues, which are more important matters as of now.

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