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Resume writing in UK

The resume is a very important document that can show your experience and skills. Whether you’re going to apply for a new job or change the job you don’t like, you will have to write one. And we know how to help you!

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Basic Steps of Writing a Perfect Resume

Hence, resume writing is a very useful skill. However, many people consider writing a resume boring. Here Writing Peak will share some resume writing advice to make this task easier for you.

Writing a resume incorporates the following steps:
• Review resume samples online;
• Find templates;
• Write a summary;
• Include your contacts;
• Match your skills to the job requirements;
• Use action verbs;
• Point out your achievements;
• Format your text (font, colour theme, photo);
• Proofread your paper.
You may wish to apply for resume writing services online or find samples and try to write your paper independently.


Resume Formats

There are two formats of the paper: chronological and functional (skills-based). You can also make your unique text based on these two formats. The preferable format depends on your experience and the type of job you’re applying for. Applying for professional resume writing services is an option too. Resume writing services the UK are also available.


Resume Layout

The layout of a good paper should be as follows:
• 1-page length;
• Section headings;
• Clear structure;
• Readable font.


Resume Content

A well-structured text contains the following sections:
• Contacts;
• Summary;
• Title;
• Work Experience;
• Skills;
• Education.


Contact Information: Do’s and Don’ts

Interestingly, the majority of people make mistakes in the section of contacts. This makes a negative impact on the perception of candidates.

• Include your name, phone number, email address, and the current residence.
• Name your social media profile, such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Profiles on Twitter or Instagram may be included for certain positions.
• Attach a professional photo if you’re applying for a job in all continents except for the North America and UK.
• Don’t use an unprofessional email address, such as [email protected] It’s better to create a new one that reflects your professionalism. You can use your name and surname to create a new professional email address.
• Don’t include personal information (marital status, nationality, religion).
• Don’t attach your photo to paper if you’re applying for a job in the US or UK.
A professional resume writing service can be of a great help for you if you need one. Writing a resume UK can help you a lot in this task.

Work Experience Section

This part of the paper offers you an opportunity to show your potential employers what you can do well. In order to organize this section better, read do’s and don’ts to have an understanding of what do you have to do in order to get a better text.
• Use bullet points;
• Provide examples of your responsibilities and professional achievements. Be specific when describing your achievements, i.e. “completed a scale hotel renovation within 3 months, finished before the deadline, and within the budget limit of $7M”;
• Make emphasis on work experience relevant to the job description;
• Be selective when describing your work experience;
• Use keywords your potential employer expects to see in your paper.

Education Section

The content of this section depends on your personal working experience. If you have vast working experience, you need to briefly list your academic degrees. If you’re a recent graduate and don’t have any working experience, you need to expand this section. For example, you may include the courses you took, the projects you participated in, and academic achievements.

Skills Section

This section includes so-called hard and soft skills. Hard skills are the skills specified in the job description. Soft skills are the skills you already acquired.
Examples of Hard Skills:
• Ability to negotiate;
• Excellent verbal communication;
• Financial analysis;
• Equipment operation;
• Proficiency in WordPress.
Examples of Soft Skills:
• Team player;
• Critical thinker;
• Excellent mentoring ability;
• Active listener;
• Emotional intelligence.
Extra Sections
You may wish to include additional sections, such as:
• Personal achievements (scholarships, industry awards);
• Organizations (membership in professional associations);
• Certificates (professional designations);
• Courses and conferences attended;
• Languages you know.
You may choose the section that applies to your particular situation. It’s not necessary to include all sections.


Resume Writing Tips

• One text can’t fit all applications. Don’t use one to apply for different jobs. You need to create several papers for different job applications.
• Carefully select the information you include in your text. You need to use only one page to showcase yourself. Don’t include the same experiences and skills several times.
• Focus on your personal accomplishments. By merely listing your responsibilities you will not impress your potential employer.
• Be specific when listing your accomplishments, i.e. grew customer base with 5% or launched 10 marketing campaigns.
• Proofread. Grammar mistakes or typos should be excluded from your paper. If your potential employer finds a mistake in your text, you will make an impression of an illiterate person.


Action Verbs

The following action verbs will add value to your resume in the opinion of your recruiter:
• Launched;
• Coordinated;
• Developed;
• Achieved;
• Introduced;
• Decreased;
• Organized;
• Built;
• Reduced;
• Formalized;
• Operated.


Resume Length

The length of your paper depends on multiple factors, such as career stage, experience, and goal. For example, for recent graduates and candidates having work experience less than five years, a 1-page resume is recommended. A 3-page paper is ideal for professionals having more than five years of work experience. We don’t recommend writing a paper of more than two or three pages because employers don’t spend much time on reading resume. Therefore, “less is more” principle is applicable in this case. You need to focus on relevancy and quality of information included.

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