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Synthesis of Workplace Applications of Courses

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 9, 2017
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Synthesis of Workplace Applications of Courses

My time at Believed has brought me rewards and challenges which have made me a stronger more well rounded individual. The requirement of this synthesis paper is further testament of the challenging curriculum offered at Believed. The core curriculum courses, eligible for discussion In the synthesis paper, which I have completed while at Believed are few. However, each course and instructor has impacted my life, career and worldview significantly. Some have contributed more in one area or another but all have certainly contributed to all three areas.

The courses I have chosen to include in this paper Ross a broad spectrum of content and academic application. The first of which, and one of the more broadly helpful, Is Business Communication. The Business Communication course at Believed was challenging, to say the least. Having previously taken another business communication or speech course from another institution, I expected the course to be repetitive and mundane. On the contrary, the course far surpassed my expectations and even heightened my sense of self. This course boosts confidence and enhances the ability to observe and access the behavior of others.

This course further brought to light the grand abilities of our Lord Jesus Christ in communicating to diverse groups through great adversities. The purpose of Business Communications Is to study proper communication In a business setting. The course encompasses both written and verbal skills. The written skills developed in this course included letters, memos and standard messages. Effective written communication is imperative in all aspects of business and life. If a letter is poorly written, then the intended message may be lost and could cause great losses in a business setting.

Writing standard messages and memos are equally as Important. With the growing dependency of electronic means f communication, the foremost tool of communication In modern business Is e-mail. Therefore, like letter writing, e-mail messages should be clear and concise. Another important aspect of business communication is oral. This course also had an emphasis on aspects of oral communications. Often in a business environment persons are called upon to make oral presentations, speak to employees or interview for employment positions. Oral communication is our mall mode of communication In dally life.

We are constantly speaking for one reason or another. If the audience will not gain understanding of the subject. If a speaker rambles or gives an abundance of unrelated information the audience will only hear the speech and not listen. Therefore, the speech and its message will be lost. A speech should be long enough to present thorough knowledge and information of the subject but short enough to hold the interest of the audience. A well written speech must also maintain positive tones as negativity stands to deter the mood of the audience.

Further, negative massages could offend some audience members. In standard teaching practices, God and Biblical principles are not presented or related to the lesson. The fact that Believed includes Biblical principals to teach its course content, in my opinion, strengthens the learning experience. Often it is difficult to be a Christian in the world today. I have been told that Christianity has no place in the modern workplace. This is not a practice that I personally believe in. Believed teaches business practices in such a way that is able to provide ammunition against these types of attitudes.

The most well noted and admirable public speaker of all time is Jesus Christ. Throughout the Bible, Jesus speaks and preaches across the land; sometimes he spoke too many, other times too few. In every instance that Jesus spoke, it was done with directive and eloquent speech. One such case that comes to mind is found in the book of Matthew chapter 22. Here Jesus spoke in parables, as he often did, and the Pharisees tempted him. Any good speaker and communicator must be ready to answer any questions presented him and this is exactly what Jesus did.

In Matthew 22:15-22 the Pharisees planned to cause trouble for Jesus with his own words and asked him if he thought it lawful to give tribute to the Emperor. Jesus knew their wickedness and answered , “…. Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Career’s; and unto God the things that are God’s. ” This statement shows the attributes taught in business communication by being highly informative, clear and concise. The next temptation comes from the Caduceus who ask about resurrection. Again, Jesus answers in such a manner that shows his great understanding of his subject.

At one point, Jesus even chastises them saying, “… Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, not the power of God. ” (Matthew 1 5:29) Jesus then goes on to explain the God is the living God and the resurrected are as the angels in Heaven having not spouses. (Matthew 1 5:30) Another of the courses chosen for discussion in this paper is Quantitative Reasoning. This course, while it held emphasis on mathematical applications, pertained to logical process, deductive thought, probability and problem solving. I learned deduction skills that could have been very helpful while in high school.

Even though these advanced problem solving skills were learned later, they will and have already proved helpful and useful with my daily agenda. Critical thinking is an important skill in business. In my business, we often have collaborative meetings which require critical thinking and the ability to use logic in an effort to solve robbers. Mathematical principles are an important part of this course; as, in a business environment, profit is a prominent element. By using mathematical applications in a logical order, we have the ability to figure probability of success, failure, sales and supply and demand. Order. All the events of the Bible are linked together in such a way as to tell the past, present and even the future. Genesis 1 is a great example of logically ordered events in the Bible. God was methodical in his creation of the world and all its creatures. The order in which he created was perfect. In Deuteron 10, God shows his divine lancing, again with the deliverance of his commandments. Moses remained on the mount for forty days and forty nights at the direction and under the protection of God as part of his plan to test the people and their faith.

Mathematics for Business and Finance is relative to Quantitative Reasoning in some aspects and applications. Again, in most businesses, numbers, prospects and profitable protectively is imperative to daily operations. During the term of this course graphing and limited calculus skills were employed. All skills obtained prove useful in reading and understanding work related reports and calculating reparability. Further, mathematics easier all around us. The very offices we work in and the homes we live in were made possible by some form of mathematics. Also, lust as with Quantitative Reasoning, this course promotes critical thinking.

The basic premise of all mathematics seems to include or require critical and logical thinking. The Bible does not make many direct references to mathematics. However, the Bible does constantly call for critical thinking, and , forgive the cliche©, reading between the lines. One passage does come to mind when thinking of mathematical planning and precision in the Bible. ND that is teethe passage would include the instructions given Noah on building the ark. God was very specific on how he wanted Noah to build the ark. He stated the materials, additional required features, and precise dimensions for which to build. Genesis 6:15) “And this is the fashion which thou shall make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits. By modern measurements that would be approximately 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Had Noah not built by God’s direction, the ark would have certainly met with disaster. There is a repetitive theme with many of the courses taken at Believed, logical and strategic thought. Marketing Strategies is yet another course whose objectives include deductive reasoning and problem solving.

Prior to using mathematics and reasoning to predict and project a business must first plan. Marketing Strategies combines the current market environment, proven marketing concepts and business planning in an effort to organize and improve product or service forecasts. By studying these strategies, companies can consider their strengths and weaknesses, and adjust to meet the growing market demand for their product. It is important to consider all information and aspects of the business and products in order to create a strong market strategy.

Again, the need for logical thought and deductive reasoning is an imperative aspect of success in this subject and study. Due to my current professional position, I have not yet had cause for extensive use of the skills learned in this course though it has strengthened me for future endeavors. Having a strong marketing strategy is useless if it is not executed in an ethical and biblical manner. Most of us are taught from small children to treat others as we would want to be treated. ND We have also been taught to always think of others first; and as children we may be unaware that this is actually a law given us by God. Hillier of thy people, but thou shall love thy neighbor as thyself: I am the Lord. ” There is another compelling verse in Proverbs which was of constant discussion in the Marketing Strategy class that truly sums up the biblical and ethical expectations God holds for us. Proverbs 21 :6 states, “The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a vanity tossed to and fro of them that seek death. ” God is a loving but Jealous God and the love of money is and evil thing. Often persons in business forget the caching of ethics such as the ones in Proverbs.

Much like Marketing Strategies, Business Policy major focus is on strategies and planning. On my way to class my first night I was riding and thinking of how to solve some weaknesses I had in my department. I needed a plan;, a strategy to motivate my employees so my team could achieve our goals. I had no idea God was about to give me the studies and tools I would need to prepare and strengthen me for that very task. The timing of this class in my life is a testament to the fact that God always has a plan for us and his plan is always right and on time.

I have since been able to focus my team’s efforts, and achieve more of our set objectives with greater knowledge and stronger strategies. Business Policy contrasts Marketing Strategies, in that, while marketing strategies focus on specific aspects of business, Business Policy involves the whole of all parts. Business Policy is broken out into four smaller parts: a vision, mission, goals and objectives. Business Policy or corporate strategy outlines the direction and desired results a company wants to achieve;, without strategies companies would make aimless decisions and maintain no goals.

Each of the strategy parts builds off and is dependent on the other. A company without vision is unable to set goals and achieve objectives. Objectives are the smaller, measurable and quantitative portions of goals. Goals are qualitative, and their intention is to mark milestones to achieve toward the company’s mission and vision in set time frames. Business Policy, simply put, is strategic planning. The Bible starts, literally, with strategic planning. In Genesis 1:1 it states, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. ” God had a plan and a goal to create, in the beginning and he executed that plan to achieve his goals.

Throughout my academic career and business career there are constants of marketing, goals, strategy, logic and planning, Just to name a few. Unfortunately, and all too often, we loose sight of biblical principles and ethics in an effort to achieve personal goals. Someone may seek money, power, recognition; all are selfish and can quickly draw us away from God. My current professor starts each class with a prayer, as most do, and a verse I feel sums it up best. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. ” (Matthew 6:33)

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