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Martin Luther Petition

University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 9, 2017
Words: 257
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Martin Luther Petition

This letter is in the form of a petition. I would Just like you to read and understand why your point of view of the Church is unrealistic. To start, indulgences themselves are sins. You cannot pay to be free of sin. Christ died to clear our sins, believing in his sacrifice is the only necessity to be saved. Everyone’s fate is predestined by God. No good deed, or payment, will cleanse us.

The idea that the sacrament is literally the body and blood of Christ is a little extreme. It would make more sense to think of the bread and wine as a symbol instead. The Virgin Mary, and the Angles, are not objects of prayer, but their stories may inspire devotion. Attention that should be focused on worship to God could be directed at any Angel, and no image should be worshipped before God. As for the Scripture, it should be interpreted so everyone has the ability to read it.

The Priests old be preaching to us anything you want us to know and follow. The bible should be interpreted as more of a guideline for Christians. I Just wanted you to read this and get another Idea of where I’m coming from. I make sense, and you need to realize this. You think you can take advantage of the people because they are peasants. That’s immoral. Your ways are unrealistic and a lot to ask. Just please take my views Into consideration.

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