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University/College: University of Arkansas System
Date: November 1, 2017
Type of paper: ReligionSecuritySociety
Words: 2593
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Throughout the year of 2014, we have heard a lot over the extremist group the Salamis State of Iraq and Iraq who Is also known as ISIS or IS. This group has brought many challenges, and most Importantly numerous casualties of Innocent people to the state of Iraq and other countries’. Since the start of ISIS the united States has been working with Iraq to dismantle the terrorist group.

Geography Just a rough history Iraq, it is located in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, and in between Iran and Kuwait (The World Fastback, 2014). The state inhabits roughly thirty-three million people, who are mainly Arab and speak Arabic with a religious background of Muslim (The Wordbook’s, 2014). We also need to keep in mind with the previous regime under Hussein and now ISIS, there has been many Christian families fleeing out of Iraq and into nearby states such as Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon, due not wanting to convert into Muslim religion. Who is SIS’S?

ISIS which also stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, the group is predominantly Sunnis Jihads, a Jihads Is a person who believes the entire community of Muslims e governed under Shari law (Amy Azalea, Bibb and If any one objects to the believes they will be dealt with in violence. The ]lead term can be found In the Quern. Their aim is to establish a caliphate which is based on Shari law. Shari law comes from the actions and words of Muhammad who is the author of the Quern, it happens to be one of the most intrusive and strict, especially against women (Shari law, 2014).

The law covers a wide range of topics from public behavior, private behavior and private beliefs. There are certain consequences when the law is broken, or example, if a person is convicted of theft, the person will have their right hand amputated , or in a case some denies or insults the Quern one can be put to death, and the lists goes on with the outrages consequences against humanity (Amy Azalea, 2014). There has been research that shows the majority of Muslims would prefer to live under Shari law rather than a system of democracy. Sounds quite unbelievable but It Is true.

ISIS In the Making Before ISIS there was al-Qaeda, a terrorist group that was created by Abuse Muss’s al- Gizzard, by birth he was Jordanian and transformed himself into a “nationalist reliance” (Lee Hudson Testis, 2006). In 2004, the same year he pledged his group with Osama Bin Lading’s group al- Qaeda (Al-Salad in Iraq, 2014). AH-Qaeda, has a different intent when it was first founded by Bin Laden and Muhammad Taft, they simply wanted to drive U. S forces out of Saudi Arabia peninsula and Somalia with force and violence (Background: Leaked, 2014).

Al- Qaeda also too wanted to keep any type of non- Islamic government out of the Middles East. IQ and ISIS are different In some ways, first ISIS has fought more conventional than what IQ, second hey have territory and declared caliphate In northern Syria, unlike IQ they want to establish an Islamic Caliphate, but In a slow pace approach, and lastly, ISIS Is ten times more brutal than what IQ was(Kraals Wong, 2014). Gizzard In other hand created a “four pronged strategy” to isolate U. S. Roses by targeting its allies, targeting later in 2007 Al- Gizzard was killed by US airstrips, soon after the groups announced their new leader ABA Bayou al- Masc.. And soon created the Salamis State of Iraq to increase the group’s interests, and later become known as ISIS. AH-Qaeda in Iraq, 2014). In the next three years IQ continued to fight the Iraqi government who restricted them from any government participation and any safety, in 2010 ABA Bayou al-Masc.. Was killed which marked a significant loss for the organization and ABA Baker al- Baghdad became leader. (Al- Qaeda in Iraq, 2014).

AH-Baghdad was a born a Sunnis in 1971 and his official name is Mama Abraham All al-Dare al Samurai, and claims to be a descendant from the prophet Muhammad (Deterrence McCoy, June 11). He also known to come from a very religious family; his brothers and uncles are reaches and professors (Deterrence McCoy, June 11). Baghdad also obtained a doctorate at the Islamic University in Baghdad (Deterrence McCoy, June 11). Baghdad does currently serve at the leader of the world’s extremist group ISIS. His techniques in recruiting women and men, ruthless killing, and raising money has been a great success.

He also happens to be one America’s most wanted terror; with a ten million bounty on his head (Deterrence McCoy, June 11). In order to understand why ISIS has grown and flourished throughout the region of the Middle East, is a result of U. S interventions one can say, we go back to 2003 when U. S invaded Iraq. The U. S not only invaded but created conditions for radical Sunnis groups to form such as ISIS. The U. S went into Iraq and destroyed Sadism Hussein’s “secular state machinery’ and replaced it with a Shiite administration (Garcia Change, 2014) and lead to a bigger problems between the Sunnis and the Shiite.

With the Shiites in charge, it left over hundred working class Sunnis out of a Job and also their political influence diminished (Garcia Change, 2014). The oppression of the Sunnis allowed for al- Qaeda to strengthen themselves. Even though the Sunnis were in power for a good period of time, there complete removal form society was not something they did not expect to happen. What happen to the Sunnis is was Charles Till calls collective actions, it tends to occur in the context of political opportunities (Douglass Macadam, 2014).

It can be present in two forms, two groups against the government or the government against the group’s. In the case of the Sunnis aside from being left unemployed, they were also being removed from political participation, such as elections, holding government seats, or any type of political influence. By the U. S leaving only one group in power, the Shiites, they took it for granted and got revenge on the Sunnis by leaving them unemployed and prohibiting them not to have any political participation (Garcia Change, 2014).

Rather than meeting their expectations and demands they did otherwise which led the Sunnis to revolt against the Shiite government. In 2010, there were no longer al- Qaeda in Iraq but was refrained ISIS of Iraq and Syria, during that time there were three wars taken place but only one matters the one between America and Russia (Garcia Change, 2014). The U. S decided to take a risk and arm Salamis rebels in Syria, and unfortunately the same rebels we armed then turned out to Join ISIS. Ironically, we are currently fighting the same rebels we trained and armed back in Syria.

We also did the same in Libya by arming Libyan rebels and not knowing any identity or ideological leanings. Later on we learn by the leader of the Libyan leader that the fighters we were arming and covert origins of ISIS, 2014). With the US working together with the Libyan rebels, Gadding was overthrown, and the remaining weapons were sent to Syria and into the ands of ISIS ( the covert origins of ISIS 2014) , this allowed for the group to expand itself in the Middle East, with our help. It was even said that we continued to send armory to the rebels even two years after, Just so they would not speak against the government.

Even for one minute if we denied any weapons to be sent to the rebels, the leader leading the rebels would tell the American people about their relation with the U. S (the covert origins of ISIS, 2014). After gaining strength in Syria and Libya, ISIS is back in Iraq except now in the past year we have seen what the terrorist group is capable of. Back in February of this year al-Qaeda cut all ties with ISIS due to their brutality tactics (Frequently Asked Questions about ISIS, 2014). ISIS has rapidly expanded with or without al- Qaeda as of today they hold more land than a country would hold in such a short time.

They have taken over some popular cities such Mogul, which is a Sunnis Arab majority, unfortunately it fell under ISIS control, although. The police enforcement and soldiers did outnumber the militants many of them abandoned their posts and fled, previous to this conquer Just last December they also took over Fall and parts of nearby Ramada (Battle for Iraq and Syria in APS, 2014). ISIS not only taking over cities and nearby towns they also have millions in oil revenue, in July they swept into Syria taking control of one the largest oil field, Omar, and soon after went into Kurdish region (Middle East, 2014).

The Kurds in the other hand are quite different from other cities that have been taken over by SIS’S, the Kurds are standing their ground and fighting for what is rightfully theirs. The Kurd group are anti-ISIS and are not willing to allow them to take over the border crossing into Turkey (Isabel Coles and Made Rehashed, 2014). The fight for Cabana which give access to the border to cross into Turkey is still remains unclear who will gain or remain control. The Kurds have Joined forces with comrades in Syria (Isabel Coles and Made Rehashed, 2014) to prevent from ISIS gaining control of the border region.

The U. S. Has is also helping the Kurds in fighting off ISIS by sending weapons (Isabel Coles and Made Rehashed, 2014), but they are not enough. The fight in Cabana will continue until one of the groups can no longer hold their ground and either walk away or surrender the border region. ISIS is going to extreme measure to create a caliphate and spread their so called “beliefs. Not only are they taking over land field and cities, they have also had quite a number of recruitment, especially women.

ISIS recruitment has upped since airstrips began gaining 6,000 new members, they have predicted twenty new members a day (Alicia Lu, 2014), mainly foreign fighters. There high quality media effective videos, extreme social media postings and the Just the perfect line to draw women to Join. The most recent popular streaming videos are the beheading of hostages (Alicia Lu, 2014) each holding a propaganda message. This has allowed for ISIS to recruit and put fear to he people, in they have also released videos promising individuals the benefit of joining them (Alicia Lu, 2014).

Now they are also conveying messages through social media such as Backbone, twitter, and Mainstream, spreading their propaganda. Lastly the luring of innocent women, ISIS has made many promises but this one has to be the most effective to get women to Join. ISIS has promise everyone who Join ISIS to women can register to become a wife of a Jihads (Alicia Lu, 2014). In recent news, about two days ago from this date, we had other beheading taken place an American Aid worker Peter Cassia who was also a former soldier, who was deadhead by ISIS terrorists (Marino Castillo and Ben Brickfield, 2014).

Cassia was another victim to ISIS and a way to send a fear message to the U. S. And other countries who are trying to dismantle this group. Cassia, first traveled to the Middles East as a soldier and returned a medical worker. He went on to Syria were he also aided the wounded, but was soon taken hostage by ISIS (Marino Castillo and Ben Brickfield, 2014). When seeing the video of his beheading it was different from previous beheading ISIS had done, the person names the place where he is standing, Dabbing in Laypeople province, Syria (Marino Castillo and Ben Brickfield, 2014).

Cassia has been the fifth westerner who ISIS has beheaded. First it was the U. S. Journalist James Foley, which occurred in a few months back. Soon after another Journalist was beheaded as well, Steven Shutoff, and weeks after another Britain was beheaded. With the beheading, kidnapping, and the taking of land, ISIS has shown us what measure they are willing take and cross to reach their goal in creating an Islamic Caliphate. In conclusion, the Salamis State also referred at ISIS continues to expand and unique in Iraq and Syria and slowly moving into other neighboring countries.

ISIS has not shown any sign of backing down but to create an Salamis State under Shari law. My Personal Opinion In my opinion, we are the result of all this chaos happening in the Middle East, of course I could be wrong. But if we look at the history, we have been intervening in the Middles East way before the Gulf War, since the asses. We try to make ourselves believe we are in the Middles East for a good cause; at least I thought at first. When nine/eleven happened I was Just a fifth grader, I can recall, I stapled my friend’s finger that day.

But after that day I could not really make any sense of what was happening and why it was happening. As the years passed and we continued to pay our respect to the thousands of innocent people who died and supporting our troops in Iraq fighting for “Democracy. ” The numerous of soldiers we lost and the innocent people we killed all for the sake of the “good” we call it. As I continued to stud, I got to the college and learned more about the Middle East with research papers, presentations, news, and most of all documentaries I took the time to see. I learned the war in Iraq and any previous wars we had in the Middle

East were not to spread Democracy, it was for the self – interest of the former President of the United States. For one, not once did the U. S. Government show us the evidence that the Iraqi government has weapons of mass destruction, were simply told and we declared war. Turned out along we were in Iraq fighting for oil lands, to take control and of course start what we have always wanted our so called “empire. ” Which has lead into numerous of deaths. Look at the Middle East now, it is in ruins because us. We allowed ourselves to let selfishness get the best of us and have millions of soldiers and innocent civilians be ailed for oil.

And now we have more people suffering because of our wrong doings. After we dismantled al- Qaeda be did not realize were not finished, it was Just the topped Hussein was a good one, but in restoring the government we could have divided the power and not allow for one group to hold it all. I do not agree with ISIS tactics, because they are brutal and inhuman, but at times there is no other way. As long as we have control of the Middle East we will continue to intervene for our one- self-interests. As we have seen in recent news ISIS has not backed down and continues to flourish throughout the Middle East.

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